‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Reveals Who She Admires

by Clayton Edwards

Most of the world knows Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie. She played Laura Ingalls for the show’s entire ten-year run. During that time, the world watched as she grew up. In fact, she was only nine years old when she started on the classic series. So, Gilbert became an adult in front of a nation of loving fans.

However, her career didn’t stop when they blew up the buildings in Walnut Grove. In fact, she continued to work in the film industry. Today she has producing and directing credits under her belt as well as her acting credits. At one time, Gilbert was president of the Screen Actors Guild. She even ran for office, at one point.

So, it is safe to say that Melissa Gilbert has met plenty of admirable people in her life. Her time on Little House on the Prairie brought her close to Michael Landon. She looked at him like a father. Later in her life, she came in contact with some heads of state. At the same time, her position as the president of SAG gave her access to many of the world’s biggest movie stars. So, who does Melissa Gilbert admire?

She opened up about this in a recent episode of the Mondays with Mindy podcast. The answer she gave might be the sweetest thing you’ll hear all week.

Melissa Gilbert Talks About People She Admires

During the show, the host asks a series of fairly broad questions that turn into deep discussions. At one point, Mindy asked Melissa Gilbert, “Who do you admire and why?” She added, “Again, just in this moment, today, as it comes to you.”

You would think that Melissa Gilbert would drop the name of some actor or head of state with whom she had worked. However, her answer was completely different. She started by saying that a few people immediately came to mind. “I admire my husband,” Gilbert began. “Because of his ability to be, I would say about ninety-eight percent of the time, so easy-going and so chill. He’s just very chill.” This trait, the host added, is incredibly important. Gilbert laughingly agreed, adding, “Especially when you’re with a lunatic like me.”

Melissa Gilbert went on to say, “I admire all of our children. We have seven children altogether.” She went on to say, “I love watching who these people are now. They’re my favorite people to hang out with.” About her and her husband’s children, she said, “They’re funny, they’re smart, they’re compassionate, they’re active and activated, they’re socially conscious.” However, that wasn’t all she admired about their seven children. She added, “So far, the ones who are parents are much better parents than we ever were. I just so admire who they are. I just think they’re great humans.”