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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Shares How She Feels About Social Media

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for BAM)

Melissa Gilbert got her big break back in 1974 on Little House on the Prairie. She portrayed Laura Ingalls for the series’ entire decade-long run. Gilbert was only nine years old when took the role. So, the world watched her grow up. They saw her grow from an elementary school student into a young woman. Today, Gilbert’s fans have a more intimate way to keep track of her life. She is active on social media. There, she posts regularly and keeps her fans abreast of her life changes as well as any work she is doing.

For instance, all of her fans know that she became a grandmother earlier this month. Before her grandbaby was born, she posted updates about the pregnancy. Now that the baby is here, Melissa Gilbert shares photos and videos of her with the world.

Recently, Melissa Gilbert joined the former Facts of Life star and Scooby-Doo voice actress Mindy Cohn on her podcast, Mondays with Mindy. During that chat, the two old friends reconnected. At the same time, we all got a closer look at Gilbert’s life and personality. For instance, she talked about the people she most admires. At the end of the show, Gilbert opened up about how she felt about social media.

Melissa Gilbert on How She Feels About Social Media

As Melissa Gilbert and Mindy Cohn were saying their goodbyes, Mindy said how nice it was to reconnect with Melissa after a period of absence. Then, the former Little House on the Prairie star opened up about her thoughts on social media.

“Ya know,” she began, “I’m such a fuddy-duddy when it comes to things like social media and stuff. I mean, I have it because you have to have it and I post. I do like to stay connected, especially during the pandemic. It was really nice to talk to people that way.” Melissa Gilbert went on to say, “One of the greatest things [about social media] is to be able to go, ‘Oh hey! There she is!’.”

At that point, Mindy Cohn said that one of her favorite things about social media, Instagram in particular, is to follow people who she has been a fan of for years and reconnecting with old friends. So, it seems that television stars use social media in much the same way the rest of us do.

Melissa Gilbert wholeheartedly agreed. She added that she would forever be grateful to the platform for allowing her to reconnect with Mindy.

However, Instagram didn’t just bring Mindy Cohn and Melissa Gilbert together for the podcast appearance. In fact, the two old friends spent the last few moments of the show making plans to meet up in the near future.