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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Shares Sweet Photo of ‘Nana’s Girl’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Melissa Gilbert introduced herself to the world in 1974. She made a name for herself on Little House on the Prairie. She was on that series for its whole run. So, it was like she grew up in the days of the pioneers instead of the seventies. At the same time, she grew up in front of a nation of adoring fans. At the time, most people didn’t know much bout her. They likely knew more about her character, Laura Ingalls than the actress behind her. On the other hand, viewers watched her mature as both an adult and an actress through the lens of Walnut Grove.

Today, we can follow our favorite stars on social media. This allows fans around the globe to not only watch them grow but also to connect with them. Melissa Gilbert is taking full advantage of that ability. Since she started using social media, Gilbert has been using it to share her life with her fans.

Earlier this year, Melissa Gilbert experienced a huge milestone in her life. She became a grandmother. Now, just about every grandmother on social media thinks she is the proudest Nana with the world’s greatest grandbaby. No one wants to argue with a proud granny. On top of that, the pictures that they share of their grandbabies are precious.

Melissa Gilbert might be a star but she isn’t much different than any other grandmother on the internet. Recently, she proved that once again with a sweet photo of her granddaughter. Check it out below.

Just look at that face! Melissa Gilbert didn’t have much to add to the photo. The caption only contained two hashtags, #NanasGirl and #RipleyLou,” the latter being the little one’s name.

Melissa Gilbert – World’s Proudest Nana

 Melissa Gilbert really started taking her role as brand new grandma seriously in early June. That is when she started regularly updating her followers about her then-unborn granddaughter. Since then, her Instagram feed has been chock full of photos of little Riley Brinkman.

Melissa Gilbert officially became a grandmother on June 8 of this year. The next day, she took to social media to brag about the sweet bundle of joy that brightened her life. She shared photos of the little one in her nursery bed at the hospital and penned an emotional post about the new arrival. Then, she said that she would be traveling from New York to Texas to meet Ripley in person. It seems that she is still there soaking up all of the time she can with her new grandbaby. Who could blame her?

There will no doubt be plenty more updates as Melissa Gilbert’s granddaughter grows up. It will be interesting to watch the Little House on the Prairie star and her very own Half Pint grow over the coming years.