‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Just Returned to the Big Screen with Recently-Released Film

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Okay, all of you Little House on the Prairie fans are not going to want to miss this one. Alison Arngrim will be starring in a new film called Even In Dreams.

For those who don’t remember, Alison Arngrim is best known for her role in the famous NBC television series Little House on the Prairie. In the show, she played the antagonist role of Nellie Oleson from 1974 to 1983. Her performance became a cultural reference to what the spoiled “bad girl” looked like throughout the 1970s.

But what has Arngrim been up to since then?

Alison Arngrim Acting Career

Well, after her time on Little House on the Prairie, the actress went on to star in a few other TV shows and movies in the ’80s. Those included works like The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, I Married Wyatt Earp and Video Valentino. From the 2000s on, Arngrim has made appearances in things like For the Love of May, The Last Place on Earth, Le deal, Make the Yuletide Gay, The Bilderberg Club: Meet the Shadow One World Government, Livin’ the Dream, The Comeback Kids, CPR Talent Agency, Life Interrupted, and The Mephisto Box.

Pretty solid acting resume, right? So, what does the Little House on the Prairie star have in the works nowadays? Well, she explained as much to Voyage LA when asked what plans she has next for her career.

“I have quite a lot going on right now,” she said, “considering the current circumstances. I just completed filming on an independent film called Even In Dreams. It’s a lovely family film about a young girl trying to make it in the music industry while hanging on to her values. I play the evil manager who almost ruins everything for her.”

As Arngrim notes, the 2021 new movie features an 18-year-old girl named Sam. She is an aspiring musician who just lost her older sister Amber. She is able to work through all of her grief thanks to her singing and songwriting. Sam ends up taking Amber’s spot in the band she was in, and the group moves to Nashville to make it in the music industry.

More to Look Forward to from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star

That’s right, Alison Arngrim isn’t stopping at her new film Even In Dreams. As a matter of fact, she noted that she has an upcoming comedy show that Little House on the Prairie fans might be interested in seeing.

“I have another online comedy show ‘Nelle’s Nasty Noel’ on December 17th on StageIt.com. I’m continuing with my weekly show, my daily readings, there’s several online virtual charity fundraisers coming up, one on December 10th for the Cavern Theatre in Los Angeles.”

We will be looking forward to that and Arngrim’s upcoming movie. Hopefully, she stays creative and keeps providing all of us Little House on the Prairie fans with quality entertainment.