‘Little House On The Prairie’ Star Alison Arngrim Said Michael Landon Was Even More Gorgeous in Person

by Katie Maloney

Show of hands: Who has a crush on Charles “Pa” Ingalls from Little House on The Prairie?

You know that age where you stop looking at Michael Landon on Little House On The Prairie as a beloved father figure and start realizing that he is a super hot dude? Well, we’re there. We are absolutely at that age and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve fallen pretty hard for Pa Ingalls. And we know we’re not alone! Even Alison Arngrim who played “Nasty” Nellie on Little House on The Prairie admitted that she thought Michael Landon was attractive during an interview in 2018.

“It’s one of those ‘You know you’re old when…’ moments,” joked TODAY host Megyn Kelly. “You know you’re old when Pa starts looking hot. He goes from the father figure to someone you’d like to date.”

“Hubba, hubba,” joked Arngrim. “He was actually more gorgeous in person if that is physically possible.”

Kelly then highlighted a photo of Landon on the show holding an axe and wearing an unbuttoned shirt.

“Look at that picture with the chest!” said Kelly.

“Stunning. Stunning. Gorgeous man,” replied Arngrim.

But Michael Landon was more than just a pretty face on Little House on the Prairie. He was also a writer, director, and producer for the show, and a beloved mentor to the young actors on set.

Alison Arngrim talks about her Little House on the Prairie Co-star Michael Landon

Little House On The Prairie Star Alison Arngrim Said Michael Landon Was More Than Just The Show’s Heartthrob

Although many members of the cast and crew, and most of the world, had a crush on Michael Landon, Arngrim said Landon’s role on the show was greater than just eye candy. During the same interview, Arngrim shared what it was like working with Landon on the Little House on the Prairie set.

“And he was definitely the taskmaster. We were going to get it done. Shows were all ahead of schedule, and under budget, bang, bang, bang,” said Arngrim. “He was incredible, he was writing the show and directing the show, and producing the show.”

However, Arngrim added that for as much work as the cast and crew poured into Little House on The Prairie, Landon also made sure they had an equal amount of fun.

“But he also just had this wonderfully warped sense of humor,” said Arngrim. “And loved to laugh and loved to play practical jokes and fool around with the kids. And laugh all the time. So we worked harder on probably any other show, but also laughed harder than on any other show.”