‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Hilariously Detailed How ‘Hot and Sweaty’ Shooting Would Be

by Keeli Parkey

Appearing in “Little House on the Prairie” was a boost to the careers of its child stars. However, life on the set could be uncomfortable for its actors due to the heat. One of those actors shared details about life of the set during an interview with Tom Gregory on “Inside Hollywood.”

That actor was Alison Arngrim. She played the character Nellie Oleson in the beloved family drama. Nellie was a character fans loved to hate. However, Arngrim is very much unlike her fictional character. She is affable and funny.

And during the interview, she shared her very humorous recollections about what it was like to film the show. She first shared her thoughts about what life in the time of “Little House on the Prairie” was life.

“The 1800s was a horrible time period. No antibiotics. Did you cut yourself? You have to die now. It was just unspeakable,” Arngrim said with a laugh. “When we did the show, we were always so happy to get home to our air conditioning and our pools and our refrigerators.”

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Cast Talked About Life in the 1800s

What life was like in the 1800s was actually a topic of conversation for the “Little House on the Prairie” cast thanks to their personal experiences playing characters living in that time period.

“We actually used to sit around on the set and talk about how people smelled because it was so hot and sweaty,” Alison Arngrim said. “And, we’re wearing like layers and layers of clothes. We reeked. And, we had deodorant and showers. And we’d say, ‘If this was the 1800s and none of us were wearing deodorant, and these clothes weren’t being like laundered professionally ever one or two days, what would we all smell like about now? It was brutal.'”

However, Gregory pointed out that if you were living in the 1800s you would probably be accustomed to the very strong odors of yourself and the people close to you. The “Little House on the Prairie” actress agreed.

“You’d just be in it. You had no idea,” Arngrim said. “But, it was a brutal time period. And even though, yes, we only had to live through it like nine hours a day and could go home, we really got a sense of it.”

You can watch Alison Arngrim talk about “Little House on the Prairie” on “Inside Hollywood” below. Her comments about how “hot and sweaty” shooting the show could begin around the 3:25 mark of the video.