‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Posts Series of Family Tree Pics With Moving Tribute on Father’s Day 2021

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for BAM)

Television fans know Melissa Gilbert as the star of Little House on the Prairie. She grew up on the series and viewers around the world were able to watch her do so. She blossomed not only into a woman but also a talented actress before the eyes of the audience. Currently, Gilbert is the face of the show. She isn’t the only surviving cast member by far. However, after Michael Landon’s passing in 1991. she became the most prominent member of the Little House cast.

In honor of Father’s Day, Melissa Gilbert posted a series of sweet pictures alongside a long and heartfelt post. The bulk of those were family photos. However, there is a familiar face for Little House on the Prairie fans as well.

Melissa Gilbert Posts Heartfelt Message to Fathers

Melissa Gilbert starts the post by saying, “Whether you are a father, step-father, grandfather, godfather, or father-figure… Whether you are on earth or in heaven, I send you much love and gratitude. She goes on to talk about all of the values she learned from the fathers in her life. She says that they taught her, “…how to love and be loved, how to laugh, to work hard and to play hard.” The father figures in her life also taught her compassion, empathy, strength, and integrity among many other things.

Melissa Gilbert ended the post by telling all of the fathers out there, “I send my wishes for a joyful and beautiful Father’s Day.”

Melissa Gilbert lost her adoptive father at the age of 11. However, she found a father figure in Michael Landon. They connected instantly. In fact, Landon knew that Gilbert was right for the role of Mary Ingalls after their first screen test. He played her father in the classic series. At the same time, they were close behind the scenes. They both said that their relationship was like that of a father and daughter instead of co-workers.

So, it’s no surprise that Melissa Gilbert included a photo of Michael Landon in her Father’s Day post. The picture of him that she used features Landon smiling broadly while in costume for the role of Pa Ingalls.

Michael Landon wrote and directed several episodes of Little House on the Prairie. In doing so, he injected his values into the scripts. At the same time, he taught Melissa Gilbert those values behind the scenes. He stood for things like compassion, empathy, love, and community. In 2008, Gilbert said that the world could use more of those values. The same rings true today.