‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert is Ready to Be a Grandma ‘Any Day Now’ in New Photo

by Anna Dunn

Little House on the Prairie’s leading actress Melissa Gilbert is excited to be a grandmother. In a recent Instagram post, Gilbert shared a photo of her son and his partner, who is pregnant. It’s clear that Gilbert is giddy with excitement.

“Any day now,” the caption said, followed by a good amount of hashtags.  

“#newgrandbaby #grandaughteriscoming #granddaughter #grandma #cantwait #cantsleep #soexcited,” she wrote.

Fans of Gilbert were quick to share in the excitement.

“Congratulations to the most wonderful grandmother,” one comment read. Others echoed the sentiment, with “congratulations” comments pouring in. It’s nice for fans to see Gilbert share positive news. Recently, the Little House on the Prairie actress had to undergo major surgery.

Long After ‘Little House on The Prairie’ Gilbert’s Life was Turned Upside-Down by a Spinal Injury

In 2016, Gilbert’s life had taken a surprising yet hopeful path. The former Little House on The Prairie actress was publicly leaving the arts behind to pursue a run for congress. Unfortunately for Gilbert, during her run for political office, she had to drop out due to spinal problems.

The star suffered two freak accidents in 2012. The first accident occurred during her time on Dancing With the Stars. Gilbert fell on the set of the infamously challenging show. Initially, Gilbert suffered from a concussion and whiplash.

After the injury, Gilbert suffered from yet another concussion and two discs in her neck got compressed after the balcony of a home she was renting collapsed on her. The concussion she suffered was severe and she needed stitches.

After those two injuries, Gilbert suffered intense nerve damage that lead to extreme pain

“I have numbness in my right hand, shooting pains in my right arm, and numbness in my neck,” she told People in a 2016 interview about dropping out of the race. “So, after years of care, my neurologists are sending me to a neurosurgeon because I need to have another spinal surgery.”

For her, it was devestating to drop out, but she had to do it for her health.

“It’s indescribable to have to make this decision because I had my sights set on my opponent and a lot of people around me felt that I could win,” Gilbert said. She spent the year in and out of surgery, trying to recover from her sustained spinal injuries.

Gilbert certainly hasn’t had an easy time recently, but now, it seems there’s better news for Gilbert. She has a granddaughter on the way and is bursting with excitement.