‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Michael Landon: See His Net Worth at Time of Death

by Madison Miller

Michael Landon was one of the most beloved TV stars of his generation. He starred in hit shows like “Little House on the Prairie,” “Bonzana,” and “Highway to Heaven.” His face had become a staple of American television. In fact, he appeared on the cover of TV Guide 22 times, which is second only to the great Lucille Ball.

At the age of 54, Landon passed away from pancreatic cancer. According to the Associated Press, 500 people gathered for his funeral. His family, friends, co-stars, and even President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan were there.

Landon’s ashes are at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, in Culver City, California. His inscription says, “He seized life with joy. He gave to life generously. He leaves a legacy of love and laughter.”

For a legacy in the television business, what was Landon’s net worth at the time?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that his net worth would be $40 million in current currency. However, if he was still alive it would be as high as $100 million. For comparison, Lucille Ball had a net worth of $60 million at the time of her death.

Michael Landon’s Nine Children

However, perhaps his largest legacy in life was the nine children that he had. He had three marriages during his life. His last wife was Cindy Landon, who tabloids tried to claim wanted to have a 10th child to remember Landon by. This was false and Landon addressed it on his last appearance on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.”

His first child was Mark Fraser London. He was in roles like “Us” and “Goodbye America.” He passed away in 2009 and is buried near Landon. His second oldest son is John Fraser London. This was his other adopted son from his marriage with Dodie Levy-Fraser.

However, Landon always hated the word “adopted.”

“I hate it when someone calls them ‘adopted’…. They’re my sons–period. Not my ‘adopted sons.’ They’re my sons and I’m their father until they die–or I die,” he said to People.

Then, Landon married Marjorie Lynn Noe, who had Cheryl from a past marriage. She raised him and Cheryl eventually took his last name. She wrote the book “I Promised My Dad” that tells all the intimate details of his life.

Leslie was his next child. She played Etta Plum on “Little House on the Prairie.” However, instead of show business she is now a clinical psychologist. Michael Landon Jr. has become a notable writer, producer, and director. He created, “When Calls the Heart.”

Last Three Children

Shawna Leigh Landon has her own children and is currently a real estate agent. The youngest child of his second marriage, Chris Landon, has become a screenwriter, director, and producer. He has worked on “Disturbia,” “Happy Death Day,” and the “Paranormal Activity” movies. He is married to his husband, Cody.

Michael Landon’s third marriage was with Cindy Clerico. Their first child was Jennifer Landon, who is currently playing the role of Teeter in “Yellowstone.” She is a three-time Emmy winner for her role in “As The World Turns,” as well.

Finally, Landon’s last child was Sean Landon. He is a realtor that owns his own business.