‘Little House on the Prairie’: Why One of Show’s Final Movies Aired a Year Late

by Will Shepard

Little House on the Prairie gets a lot of recognition for being an amazing show. During its heyday, it was one of the most popular television shows. Consequently, when the show finally came to a halt, three made-for-television movies were going to be made to wrap up the series.

The show is still enjoying success years later on re-runs of episodes. The movies, in addition, did well on television. But, interestingly there was a hiccup in the release of one of the movies.

According to IMDbTV, the second film, Little House: Bless All the Dear Children, actually came out a year late. The movie was supposed to be on television in 1983 but hit a snag.

“Little House on the Prairie” Movie Was Released a Year Late

On their trivia page about Little House on the Prairie, they talk about the three movies and the release dates.

“Michael Landon was given a chance to wrap up the series with three television movies. Oddly enough, because of a scheduling fluke, the second film (a Little House: Bless All the Dear Children) ended up airing a year after it was originally intended to run, in December 1984. So the third film, Little House: The Last Farewell – which worked as a series finale, wasn’t actually the last to air.”

The movie was kept on the NBC shelf because the movie itself is about Christmas in Minnesota. Because of the snafu with the scheduling on NBC, the movie wasn’t able to be released on Christmas. So, it makes sense that NBC then just decided to wait a full year to release it just before Christmas in 1984.

So, for those who love Little House on the Prairie, the movies are not in order of date. The movies all follow a similar storyline, so watching the movies out of order is not that bad.

Additionally, Michael Landon was the director for one of the Little House on the Prairie television movies. The movie he was at the helm for was the third film. Even though he wasn’t starring in the movie, his fingerprints are all over the film. The movie did really well on television and is actually the highest-rated of the three movies.