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‘Little House on the Prairie’: Why There Was More Than One Carrie Ingalls

by Jon D. B.
Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

As it turns out, it wasn’t just the talent of the Bush twins – but strict California legalities – that led to their timeless portrayal of Carrie Ingalls.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ remains one of the most beloved shows in American history. The classic show hides quite a few surprising facts, too. For instance, most do not know that “Prairie” is based on the autobiographical novels of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and not just a clever period piece.

In addition, the filming of the show itself featured two actresses for the youngest Ingalls daughter, Carrie, for a very serious reason.

According to trade AmoMama, the double-duty of Carrie’s role wasn’t a choice – it was a required legality. When it came time to cast Carrie Ingalls, producers had to keep California child labor laws specifically in mind. The state’s labor laws have been very strict, and very specific, for as long as Hollywood has existed. This is done to prevent the over-working or exploitation of children in the industry.

As such, the now-famous Bush twins, Rachel and Sidney, were brought in to perform the role of Carrie together. But the girls were only 3-years-old at the time. More specifically: children in entertainment from ages 2 to 5 cannot work more than three hours in a day in California. Having the twins present meant Carrie could be featured in a far more useful 6 hours of shooting per day.

Carrie Ingalls’ Bush Twins Lead to Happy Accidents

Thankfully, this twin tackling of Carrie Ingalls made for some classic moments. AmoMama points out that “in the opening credits, it is Sidney shown running down the hill. Before shooting the scene, it was Rachel in front of the camera.

After the director requested for a “fresh twin,” an unfortunate mistake of lacing up Sidney with opposite pairs on each foot caused her to fall down the running scene. Michael Landon decided that it was too precious to remove from the final sequence.”

And the rest, as we often say here on Outsider, is history!

Fans of the Ingalls have an entirely new generation of happy accidents and ‘Prairie’ history to look forward to, as well. ‘Little House on the Prairie‘ will soon return to television for an entirely new generation in the form of a reboot.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Reboot Coming from ‘Yellowstone’s Network

The Ingalls family will be returning to their little farm on the prairie. The show will return for a one-hour program after its final season in 1982, writes Outsider’s Atlanta Northcutt.

“Fans are eager to see ‘Little House on the Prairie’ come back to the screen, and we agree the time is right,” says producer Trip Friendly. “We feel optimistic that this will happen.”

Creator of the No. 1 television drama ‘Yellowstone,’ Paramount Network, is set to produce and air the reboot.

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