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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Actress Melissa Gilbert Pens Heartfelt Post to Military Families in Honor of Memorial Day

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for BAM)

Many retailers are waving giant American flags and slashing prices today. Most of those big stores won’t mention the reason for their sales. So, it’s nice to see some of our biggest stars keeping the meaning of Memorial Day in mind. In fact, many of them are taking to social media to pay tribute to our fallen military members. Among those stars paying their respects online today is Melissa Gilbert.

Melissa Gilbert was the star of Little House on the Prairie. She has also been the face of the show since Michael Landon died in 1991. Since that series ended, she has appeared in several TV shows as well as made-for-TV movies. She also has a handful of producer and director credits to her name. However, you’re more likely to catch her in an event that is somehow connected to Little House. She regularly participates in cast reunions and appears in documentaries as well as talk shows.

More importantly, Melissa Gilbert has a strong connection with her fans. So, seeing her taking part in the true spirit of Memorial Day is definitely refreshing. She shared a brief but powerful message with her 172K Twitter followers earlier today.

In the post, Melissa Gilbert addresses her fans first by saying “Good morning and Happy Memorial Day.” Then, she goes on to speak to those who have lost loved ones to the horrors of war. Gilbert says, “May the memories of those lost be a blessing, and may their loved ones’ hearts find peace and healing.”

Melissa Gilbert Has A Connection To The US Military

Many television fans remember Melissa Gilbert as the daughter of Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. However, in real life, her father was a WWII veteran. She wrote about him as well as his service in an article in The Detroit News in 2015.

In the article, Melissa Gilbert said that her dad was a pilot during WWII. He guarded the California coast in the days after Pearl Harbor. After he finished his service in the military, he became an entertainer. When the Vietnam War started, Gilbert’s father traveled to Vietnam as part of a USO show.

When she was still young, her father committed suicide. However, she didn’t learn the truth about his death until she was an adult. She holds the VA hospital, which would not help control his pain, partially responsible for his death.

Because of Melissa Gilbert’s father’s trials and tribulations, she is passionate about helping American veterans get the help they need. In fact, when she ran for congress in 2015, helping veterans was her main issue. About this she wrote, “…in each of these courageous men and women, I see a piece of my father. And they deserve more – they deserve so much more.”

Hollywood needs more stars like Melissa Gilbert.