‘Little House on the Prairie’: Carrie Actress Rachel Lindsay Reveals Her Favorite Episodes

by Clayton Edwards

The Little House on the Prairie cast had great chemistry on-screen. During the show’s long run, many of the cast members became friends. So, when they get together cast reunions, it feels like a bunch of old friends getting together to chat about the good old days. For some, their time on Little House was a high point in their young lives. For instance, Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls, says that she feels as though she grew up in Walnut Grove.

Recently, a large portion of the Little House on the Prairie gang got back together for a good cause. They teamed up with Stars in the House for a socially distanced cast reunion. Each cast member video-called in from their home. They chatted with the hosts of the event as well as one another about their time on the classic series and more. The perk of it being an online-only event was that fans could join the live chat and have some input on the conversation. Fans could also donate to the cause for which the cast was raising money. By all accounts, it was a big win for everyone. At the very least it looked like the cast and hosts had a great time recording the event.

Rachel Lindsay Greenbush’s Favorite Little House on the Prairie Episodes

During the reunion, the hosts had questions for each of the cast members. They dug deep to bring out the most classic moments from each actor’s Little House on the Prairie character. At one point, they asked the Greenbush twins, who jointly played the role of Carrie Ingalls about their favorite episodes.

Rachel said that she had many favorite episodes of Little House on the Prairie. However, “Ma’s Holiday” and “Christmas at Plum Creek,” were at the top of her list.

“Ma’s Holiday,” is one of the first episodes of Little House on the Prairie. In the episode, Ma and Pa Ingalls go away for a second honeymoon. While the kids stay at home with Mr. Edwards. While the parents are away, Ma Ingalls can’t help but worry about the girls. At the same time, Mr. Edwards quickly learns that babysitting three young girls is much harder than it sounds.

“Christmas at Plum Creek” is the first Christmas episode of Little House on the Prairie. It focuses on the Ingalls family making sacrifices to see that their loved ones are happy for the holiday. Carrie receives a Christmas penny and uses it to buy a special gift for the Baby Jesus on his birthday. It’s a touching episode that really gets to the heart of the classic series.

However, both Greenbush twins said that they loved the episode “The Godsister,” which aired in season five of Little House on the Prairie. In that episode, Carrie is sent off to pick strawberries. But, when she finds how small the berries are, she gets frustrated and ends up falling asleep in the field. While sleeping, she dreams of a girl named Elisa who looks just like her. Her new friend takes her to a land of giant strawberries. This is only the first of a few meetings with the magical little girl. In the end, Carrie is left wondering whether her Godsister was real or just a dream. This episode was special because it was the only time that both Greenbush sisters were on-screen at the same time.