‘Little House on the Prairie’: Ex-Wife of Michael Landon Didn’t Attend Actor’s Funeral: Here’s Why

by Keeli Parkey

Michael Landon was an actor who was loved by many. Landon was made famous by his performances on the television shows “Little House on the Prairie,” “Bonanza,” and “Highway to Heaven.”

When he died of pancreatic cancer in 1991, he was mourned by countless individuals. Some of them knew him personally, but others had never met the actor. Interestingly, there was one person very close to the actor who would not go to Landon’s funeral. That person was Lynn Noe, the actor’s ex-wife, according to CheatSheet.com.

Attendees at Michael Landon’s funeral included former U.S President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. The funeral, which was held on July 5, 1991, had 500 guests. Landon died on July 1, 1991. His cancer diagnosis took place only months prior to his death.

Landon and Noe were married in 1963. Their marriage officially came to an end in 1982. During their time together, the couple had four children. In addition to those children, Noe had a daughter from another relationship; also, Landon had two sons with Dodie Levy-Fraser.

Michael Landon Falls for Cindy Clerico

According to the article, Michael Landon started seeing Cindy Clerico while he was working on “Little House on the Prairie” during the early 1980s. Clerico was a stand-in and makeup artist on the show and she was much younger than the actor.

Soon, Landon and Noe divorced. However, he would go on to say that the marriage ended for reasons other than his connection with Clerico.

“You don’t dissolve a relationship to go to bed with someone 20 years younger. You have to have major differences and a deep-rooted need to stop a relationship after as many years as I was married,” Landon reportedly told People Magazine in 1985. “I would have done anything to make that relationship continue, but I could not.”

Clerico and Landon married in 1983. They stayed together until he died in 1991. The couple shared two children.

Noe went on to say that she wasn’t surprised that Michael Landon fell for another woman. “If it hadn’t been Cindy, it would have been somebody. He had reached that point in his life,” Noe reportedly said.

Ultimately, Noe told her children she didn’t go to Landon’s funeral because her divorce from the actor “had already been like a death to her,” according to IMDb.

Landon’s Daughter Breakout Star on Hit Show ‘Yellowstone’

Michael Landon’s daughter, Jennifer Landon, plays the gutsy ranch hand Teeter on “Yellowstone.” Her work has made her a breakout star.

Jennifer’s first acting job took place when she was 8 years old. She appeared in her father’s show “Highway to Heaven.” The actress went on to study acting at New York University. She earned three Daytime Emmy Awards for her role on “As the World Turns.”