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‘Little House on the Prairie’: Life After the Sitcom For Rachel Lindsay Greenbush

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Bobby Bank/Getty Images

For many of the stars of “Little House on the Prairie,” their roles in the series were the defining moments of their career.

Rachel Lindsay Greenbush is best known for her portrayal of Carrie Ingalls on the classic television show from 1974 to 1982. She started her role when she was only 4 years old.

However, that role was not exclusively hers. Rather, Lindsay and her sister, Sidney, shared the role from season one to season eight. The show’s credits actually listed them as Lindsay Sidney Greenbush instead of two separate names.

What did Lindsay Greenbush do post “Little House on the Prairie?”

Rachel Lindsay Greenbush Career

The twins separated from acting together after “Little House on the Prairie.” In the past, they had been cast together. This included commercials together as well as sharing the role of Jill in the television movie “Sunshine.”

According to Biography.com, Rachel Lindsay Greenbush guest-starred on “Matt Houston” right after the show. Her acting career after the series was short-lived as she instead decided to finish her education and pursue new interests.

After that, she graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1988 and then went to Santa Monica College for a bit. She moved to Taos, New Mexico, and had a daughter, Katelynn.

From there she moved again, but this time back to California in Simi Valley. Greenbush took up a career in horse training and met her first husband, Frank Dornan. Since then she has also taken up amateur boxing and works with Kid Gloves of Simi Valley. This is an organization that uses boxing to help steer high-risk kids away from gangs and drugs.

Love on ‘Little House on the Prairie’

The two twins have said in the past that working on the show could be stressful and not fun at certain times. Michael Landon, the father figure of the family, also made for a very strict atmosphere off-screen.

However, they continue to speak fondly about their time as Carrie on the series. She has talked about her experience on the show in different appearances and reunions over the years.

“This was my playground and this was my home. All the kids we all knew each other and we were all like an extended family,” Greenbush said during a reunion of the show alongside other cast members.

Besides finding a sense of home, Greenbush also found love with “Little House on the Prairie.” She married Daniel Sanchez in 2014.

The two met while she was filming for the show at Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley. Greenbush was filming a scene for an episode called “The Wolves” and went to rest under an oak tree on set.

From a distance, she saw Danny. He had been given permission to watch filming by Michael Landon. At the time, he was a teenager and she was still a young child. They happened to meet almost 30 years later and started a relationship. They actually got married under that big oak tree where they first saw each other during Greenbush’s “Little House on the Prairie” days.