‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Shares the Moment On Set that ‘Triggered a Flood of Tears’

by Atlanta Northcutt

An intimate moment shared between the cast of “Little House on the Prairie” left actress Melissa Gilbert in tears as the show came to a sudden end.

Tears Fell as “Little House on the Prairie” Came to an End

After spending a decade together, those who were part of the cast and crew of “Little House on the Prairie” became a true family. When growing up around a close cast as Melissa Gilbert did, she admits leaving her second family “triggered a flood of tears.”

The decline in viewership led to a sudden announcement of the cancellation, which upset the cast members, especially Michael Landon.

In Melissa Gilbert’s autobiography“Prairie Life,” she reminisces on how the cast felt as the many years spent together came to an end, explaining how some moments would bring everyone to tears.

“In between takes, we would tell stories, and every conversation triggered a flood of tears,” writes Gilbert. “One person would tell a story or bring up a memory, start to tear up, and within moments all 200 of us were crying.”

The Undeniable Closeness and Care Among the Cast

As the years passed, the cast continued to remain close. Gilbert expresses how she still considered Michael Landon as a father figure after losing her own at an early age.

Until Landon’s death from a brief battle with cancer in 1991, he still represented a comforting type of fatherly love to the actress. She continues to hold onto the good, caring moments shared between the two.

The cast moved on to different roles and to lead their own lives when the series wrapped up However, no roles were as prolific as the ones they led on “Little House on the Prairie.”

After the Prairie

Gilbert acts in the 1983 biopic “Choices of the Heart.” Later down the road, she also gives a voice to one of the characters in the animated “Batman” series.

Nothing compares to the tight-knit relationship that develops on the set as the older actors watch their younger costars grow into adulthood.

The beauty and purity of the actors’ togetherness onscreen confirm the true unity felt between them during their many years spent together on “Little House on the Prairie.”

I don’t know about you, but it brings even more love to the show and it’s characters.