‘Little House on the Prairie’: One Actor Became the National Pac-Man Champion in 1982

by Clayton Edwards

Little House on the Prairie was an incredible show. The setting, premise, and writing of the classic series gave it a solid foundation from which to build. However, it was the cast that elevated the show to the status of iconic television series. The characters they portrayed fleshed out the town of Walnut Grove and its surrounding areas. For some fans, it may be hard to see the actors from the classic show as anyone but the roles they played on Little House. After all, the characters on the show all started to feel like friends, family, and neighbors over the years. However, the actors and actresses themselves led some interesting lives.

Much has been said about Little House on the Prairie stars Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. Landon was an accomplished filmmaker and actor. After Landon’s passing Gilbert became the face of the show for future generations. However, other members of the classic show’s iconic cast went on to do some fascinating things. For instance, one actress went to Harvard. One of the Greenbush twins became a boxing coach for underprivileged children. Another member of the Ingalls family went on to be a Pac-Man champion.

Which Little House on the Prairie Actor Was a Pac-Man Pro?

Matthew Labyorteaux played Albert Quinn Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. Albert was one of the kids that the Ingalls clan adopted over the course of the show. Albert made his first appearance during the fifth season of the classic series. After the show ended, he continued his acting career.

Matthew appeared in several TV shows such as Silk Stockings and Night Court. He also worked on some films after Little House on the Prairie ended. He worked on both live-action and animated features. In fact, he has a voiceover credit in Mulan. He appeared in the Wes Craven horror film Deadly Friend as well. Labyorteaux has also flexed his voice-acting muscle on several video games.

The latter seems like a natural progression. The former Little House on the Prairie star has had an interest in video games for a long time. Back in 1982, he dominated a celebrity Pac-Man tournament. Labyorteaux scored an impressive 1.2 million points to bring home the win, according to History by Day.

Matthew Labyorteaux’s latest voice acting gig was in 2019. He provided voice work for Star Wars: The Old Republic- Onslaught. He regularly takes part in Little House on the Prairie cast reunions.