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‘Little House on the Prairie’: This Opening Credits Accident Was Not Scripted

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

“Little House on the Prairie” has one of the most wholesome opening credit scenes in television history. The introduction not only shows the credits but also introduces audiences to the Ingalls family. One particularly adorable part of the intro is when the youngest Ingalls daughter, Carrie, takes a tumble while running down a grassy hill. She quickly stands up and shakes it off. Then, she continues down the hill.

She looks a little confused when she stands up. After looking around, presumably to see if anyone noticed the fall, she continues down the hill at a much slower pace, choosing her steps wisely. In fact, she looks much like any young child would look after unexpectedly falling. This isn’t a particularly good bit of acting from Carrie, though. It was an accidental fall. However, it fits so well with the opening credits that the “Little House on the Prairie” show runners decided to keep it in.

Who Played Carrie on “Little House on the Prairie”

As Carrie gets up, we see the young actress’s name on the screen. Lindsay Sidney Greenbush doesn’t seem like that odd of a name. There were a handful of cast members with long names. So, many fans assumed that it was one actress who wanted to be billed by her full name. However, this isn’t true. The role of Carrie Ingalls was played by a set of twins. Their names are Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush.

The Greenbush twins were only three years old when filming on “Little House on the Prairie,” began. California labor laws state that a child under the age of five can’t work on set for more than three hours per day. Getting the twins to play Carrie Ingalls meant that they could shoot twice as many scenes with the character. Carrie was able to appear in the show more often because two actresses shared the part.

After “Little House on the Prairie” ended, the twins appeared in some commercials and had small roles in films and television. Then, they stepped away from acting to attend high school and moved on with their lives.

The Twins Today

In 2014, Lindsay Greenbush married a man named Daniel Sanchez, according to eCelebrity Facts. They have one of the cutest love stories in Hollywood. Between scenes on “Little House on the Prairie,” Lindsay would play with a little boy named Danny who lived near the shooting location. When the show ended, the pair lost touch. However, three decades later they were reintroduced and fell in love. When they tied the knot, they did so under the same tree they played under when they were children.

The sisters regularly visit the Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley where “Little House on the Prairie” was shot to meet with fans of the show. While all of the Little House sets are gone, it is still familiar territory for the Greenbush sisters.