‘Little House on the Prairie’: Twins Lindsay and Sydney Greenbush Recount the Scene That They Finally Shared Together

by Clayton Edwards

Carrie, the youngest Ingalls sister on Little House on the Prairie was portrayed by a set of twins. The character was very young when the series started. So, they needed a young actress to portray her on-screen. However, due to labor laws, young actors could only work for a few hours every day. However, Michael Landon and other showrunners knew how to make it work. In the end, Rachel and Sydney Greenbush played Carrie for the run of the series.

The Greenbush sisters worked together on Little House on the Prairie for nearly a decade. However, they were only on-screen together one time. They didn’t get the chance to act opposite one another until the fifth season of the show. Even now, the Greenbush twins count it among their favorite episodes.

Recently, the Little House on the Prairie cast got together to do a reunion for a good cause. It was hosted by Stars in the House and they took donations for charity during the event. The pandemic kept everyone apart, so it was an online-only event. There were some perks to this, though. For one, it allowed fans to tune in from all around the world and take part in the discussion. Also, you can watch the whole event on YouTube right now.

The Greenbush Twins Finally Share a Scene on Little House on the Prairie

The scene the Greenbush twins shared came up when they were talking about their favorite episodes of the show. Sydney was quick to say that “The Godsister,” was her favorite episode of Little House on the Prairie. She went on to say that it was because it was the only time they were really on-screen together.

In the episode, Carrie, played by Rachel, falls asleep and dreams of a little girl who looks just like her named Elissa. She complains to Elissa that the strawberries in the field are too small. So, it would take her forever to pick enough to make a pie. Not to worry, Elissa told her, she could take her to a place where there were giant berries as well as other enormous fruits.

Sydney fondly remembered shooting the scene in which Elissa takes Carrie to the land of giant produce. She said that they had to shoot the fantasy sequence in front of a green screen. Once they get where they’re going, Carrie finds a huge strawberry. She picks it up and takes a bite of it, getting juice all over her face. In reality, Sydney said, it was a big balloon with sauce on it. As a matter of fact, the whole scene was being filmed in front of a green screen. Rachel had to pantomime biting it and rub the sauce on her face to create the final effect.