‘Little House on the Prairie’: Which Actor Appeared in the Most Episodes on the Show?

by Clayton Edwards

“Little House on the Prairie” had a great cast. In fact, you could say that the cast and their chemistry on screen is a major part of what made the show so great. Had the Ingalls family and their neighbors not been so engaging, we wouldn’t still be talking about them decades after the show’s original run ended. However, the whole cast didn’t appear in every episode. In fact, the whole Ingalls family wasn’t even present for every episode. So, who appeared more than anyone else?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Melissa Gilbert was in more episodes of “Little House on the Prairie” than anyone else according to IMDb. While many people see Michael Landon as the star of the show, that just isn’t true. It was Gilbert in the role of Laura Ingalls Wilder that was the real focus of the series. In fact, the books were told from her point of view. So, it makes sense that she is the focus of the show and would appear more than any other character.

Melissa Gilbert Looks Back on “Little House on the Prairie”

Melissa Gilbert spent her childhood on “Little House on the Prairie.” as Laura Ingalls. She grew to adulthood in front of an adoring audience from the time she was nine-years-old until she was eighteen. To her, the experience of being on the show was life-changing. It wasn’t just because she was a star at a young age. For hours every day, she was living the life of a pioneer child. In a way, she grew up in the mid-nineteenth-century. She discussed what it was like in an interview.

About the series, Gilbert said, “It’s my life. It’s not a show. That’s my childhood, right there for everyone to see. Every day, whatever adventure Laura was having I was absolutely having it, too.” She went on to discuss her childhood memories. She says that while he did do schoolwork, she doesn’t remember any of it. Instead, her memories are filled with the adventures she had on “Little House on the Prairie.”

She went on to discuss why “Little House on the Prairie” is so timeless. To her, the show embodies what we, as human beings, should aspire to be. It wasn’t just a look back at a simpler time. To Gilbert, the show represents a sense of community, family, faith, and comradery. Above all, she says it embodies a sense of commonality of purpose and overcoming adversity.

That’s why we’re fans of “Little House on the Prairie,” here at Outsider. That sense of community and commonality of purpose to tackle whatever obstacle comes along is something we can definitely get behind.