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Logan Mize’s New Song ‘Who Didn’t’ Has Us Reminiscing On Growing Up In A Small Town

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Logan Mize’s new song, “Who Didn’t” hit streaming platforms on Friday, and we have it on repeat. The song’s music video debuted on Youtube at the same time as the release. The video features visuals of all our favorite memories growing up in a small-town: pick-ups, high school football, bottles of root beer, and young love.

The lyrics immediately take us back to grandad’s truck, as the song begins, “Who didn’t drive in grandaddy’s lap.”

“Who Didn’t” continues with perfect imaging of those muddy boots that make an appearance in both the backyard and church: “Have one pair of boots for work and they went to church in ‘em” The new song even mentions old porch swings and those Fourth of July fireworks that always seem to burn a bit: Yeah who didn’t have a swing out on the porch / Burn up their fingers every July 4th”

The song’s title refers to his understanding that this beautiful American life is what he knows and loves, prompting his rhetorical question, “who didn’t?”. Just look at this chorus:

Work like hell
Pray in the huddle
Cruise ’round a two-lane no name bubble
Put it in park for some cold beer kissing
We didn’t know anybody who didn’t
Mow their own yard, Fill their own tank
Check on the temp on the sign at the bank
Not everybody lived in those city limits
But we didn’t know anybody who didn’t

Logan Mize, “Who Didn’t”

Comments on the Youtube music video as well as Mize’s recent tweet announcing the song release already show support and disbelief in the singer’s ability to perfectly capture small town American life. “Hard to believe..another one of your songs that feels like it was written about my life,” one comment on Youtube says. Another writes, “Just found this song and this is the best song I ever heard my entire life.”

One user on Twitter writes their appreciation, “fantastic song from @LoganMize that details so much of what life is like growing up in small town #Kansas

Another Twitter user appreciates Mize’s dedication to the small town life and dedication to family. They write, “He gives it all up to his family and the small town he was from and it’s amazing. His music videos are his family and friends and people he truly cares about.”

One put it quite simply when retweeting Logan Mize’s announcement of his new song: “If you can’t relate to this you ain’t it”

Yes, the lyrics certainly make us miss those old boots and grandad’s truck. Mize’s new song makes us look back on the little things about growing up, like haircuts at home and even skinned knees from flat bike tires. We reminisce, but mostly, we are thankful for those incomparable moments of family loyalty and strong communities. We are thankful for a song that points out that we aren’t all so different after all.