Longmire: The Two Iconic Characters Robert Taylor Based His Performance On

by Thad Mitchell

Starring as Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire, Robert Taylor’s portrayal of the law man is must-see television for western fans.

Taylor, as Longmire, is the head law enforcer of the fictional Absaroka County, a small residential area deep in the heart of Wyoming. As the Sheriff, Longmire is charged with defending the county from wrong-doers in addition to dealing out his own brand of justice.

The popular modern western had a productive six year run with a loyal fan base boosting ratings along the way. The series also premiered in June of 2012 on the A&E Network. Despite ranking as the network’s top rated show, A&E pulled the plug on the show after three seasons. Sensing an opportunity to take on a popular show, streaming giant Netflix picked up the series in 2014. Additionally, with Netflix’s backing, the show ran for three more seasons, ending with the final episode in November of 2017.

Much of the show’s success can be attributed to Taylor’s exciting portrayal of the grizzled Sheriff Longmire. With the assistance of his small staff, friends and family, Longmire also investigates major crimes in his jurisdiction too. His adventures as sheriff often lead him into dangerous situations and the series revolves around how he handles himself it uneasy predicaments.

Robert Taylor Turns to Hollywood Icons for Longmire

To create his character, Taylor turns to two legendary actors for guidance and inspiration. He first turned to Clint Eastwood and his bounty of western movie characters as a model for his Longmire character. Additionally, Eastwood is the go to for many actors who are attempting make a western character come to life.

Along with the late John Wayne, Eastwood is arguably the best western character actor of all time. From William Munny in “Unforgiven” to Josey Wales in “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” Eastwood has made a career of playing tough guys.

The second actor Taylor bases Longmire off of is Harrison Ford in his hit movie role as Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones franchise currently has four entries with a fifth reportedly in the works for 2022. Ford plays Jones as a resourceful and crafty globetrotter who seeks out treasures of the world. You can see some Indiana Jones characteristics in Taylor’s portrayal of Sheriff Longmire.

With models like Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood, it’s no wonder Taylor has such a successful run with Longmire.