Loni Anderson Details Thoughts on Today’s Game Shows Ahead of Appearing on ‘Hollywood Museum Squares’

by Clayton Edwards

Do you remember the classic game show Hollywood Squares? Do you miss it? Well, you’re in for a treat. Hollywood Museum Squares brings all of the fun and excitement of that show back. The online-only event will feature some of the biggest stars of yesteryear including Loni Anderson. Viewers from around the globe will be able to buy tickets to watch episodes of the show. That money goes to help keep the Hollywood Museum up and running.

The Hollywood Museum has been open for years. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Hollywood. For fans who want to get up close and personal with entertainment history, there’s no better place to go. Over the past year, the tourism industry has taken a major hit. So, benefit shows like this help to offset the financial damage caused by the pandemic. Loni Anderson is one of many classic TV stars who love the Hollywood Museum and are more than happy to get in a (virtual and socially distant) square for a good cause.

To promote her partnership with the event, former WKRP in Cincinnati star Loni Anderson spoke to Fox News about the event and so much more. At one point, they asked the star what she thought about current game shows.

Loni Anderson on Today’s Game Shows

Loni Anderson is no stranger to Hollywood Squares.  In fact, she was on the original show before WKRP in Cincinnati made her a star. So, coming back for the charity event is like seeing an old friend for her.

During the interview, Fox News asked Loni Anderson what she thought was missing in today’s game shows or what she would like to see more of. She said that there are several wonderful game shows on the air today. However, she isn’t a big fan of the ones that include physical challenges. Loni said that she is a fan of shows where contestants compete using their wit and knowledge. “I love a show like Jeopardy!” she said.

Loni Anderson went on to say that there is much less cleverness in the game shows today. That is one thing that the former WKRP in Cincinnati star wishes there was more of.

“I come from an era of television where there were just three networks. We were all a small family. So I do miss that comradery,” she added, highlighting what she wishes there was more of in the entertainment business in general. Loni Anderson said that she would love to se a return to the comradery in TV and film.

Loni Anderson Appears in show number three of Hollywood Museum Squares. She is the center square. That installment will be hosted by Marc Summers. The other celebrities joining Anderson include Dee Wallace, Erin Murphy, Jeremy Miller, Wil Shriner, and more.