Loni Anderson Said Wearing Marilyn Monroe’s Dress ‘Gave Me Chills’

by Clayton Edwards

Hollywood is as full of stars as a clear summer night. However, some of those stars shine brighter than others. A precious few of those do so seemingly without effort. Near the center of that cluster of blinding-bright stars is Marilyn Monroe. Her career was short but her sheer star power combined with the tragic tale that is her life has made her an icon of the silver screen. Loni Anderson, an enduring TV star in her own right knows a little more about Monroe’s lasting presence than most.

Loni Anderson, who is participating in Hollywood Museum Squares, once wore one of Monroe’s evening gowns. Back in 2010, the Hollywood Museum opened an exhibit dedicated to the iconic star. To celebrate the event’s opening, Donelle Dadigan, the museum’s founder and president, asked Anderson to model a black evening gown once worn by Monroe at a 1961 USO show. A 2010 VC Star article quotes Loni Anderson as saying the dress was one that Monroe’s husband Joe DiMaggio bought Marilyn for their honeymoon.

Loni Anderson looked nearly as stunning in the dress as Marilyn Monroe herself. She was the perfect choice to slip into the historic garment to celebrate the late Hollywood icon.

Now, over a decade later, Anderson looks back on that what it felt like to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress. She discussed how it felt with Fox News in an interview promoting Hollywood Museum Squares.

Loni Anderson Got Chills Wearing Monroe’s Dress

Fox News wanted to know the story behind Loni Anderson wearing Marilyn Monroe’s gown. She was more than happy to elaborate on sporting the iconic garment.

According to Anderson, Dadigan asked her if she would consider modeling the gown shortly after the museum acquired it. She immediately said yes to the dress. She became even more excited about the prospect of wearing it when she learned that no one had done so since Marilyn. Knowing that she said, gave her chills.

After the excitement came worry. Loni Anderson was afraid that the dress wouldn’t fit her. She was unsure if she had the same build as the iconic star. However, Dadigan assuaged her fears. He explained to her that Monroe never had zippers put in her dresses. Because her weight fluctuated so often, she was literally sewn into the dresses she wore.

On actually putting the dress on Loni Anderson said, “… when I put the dress on, it did hit me that Marilyn Monroe once wore this. As it went over my skin, I just felt a tingle.” Then, she was off to a photoshoot to promote the museum exhibit. Before the shoot, Anderson studied photos of Marilyn Monroe in the dress and tried her best to recreate her look down to Monroe’s smile.

Anderson concluded by saying, “I remember all the paparazzi were there and just taking photos. It felt spooky. But it was an experience that I’ll never forget.”