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Loretta Lynn Once Guest Starred in ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ and ‘Fantasy Island’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credits: Kirk West/Getty Images

Loretta Lynn not only wowed fans with her music skills and classic songs. She also tried her hand at acting with guest spots on these sitcoms. During the height of her popularity, Lynn made guest appearances on both “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “Fantasy Island.”

“The Dukes of Hazzard” of course followed the adventures of the Duke brothers in Hazzard county. The Duke boys were always getting in trouble with the law. But they came to the singer’s aid during this season two episode. In “Find Loretta Lynn,” the country singer finds herself in a bit of trouble. Lynn was on the way to perform at a local fair when she gets redirect to visit Hazzard County.

It’s not long that Lynn finds herself in quite the mess. The country singer visits a local bar but is then quickly kidnapped. Locals Squirt, Bubba, and Cindy want to be country musicians themselves and hold Lynn hostage to somehow further their own goals. During the episode, she’s eventually rescued by a well-timed intervention by the Duke Boys.

Additionally, Lynn lent her musical gifts to the show, though she didn’t get into any high-flying antics herself. She left wrecking the General Lee up to the Duke boys. The singer performed a rendition of “Y’all Come (You All Come)” during the episode. Over the years, that song has become a favorite for country singers like Porter Wagoner, Connie Smith, and Glen Campbell.

Loretta Lynn on ‘Fantasy Island’

It took another two years for Lynn to return to sitcom land, and she couldn’t have picked a more different show. Lynn went tropical on the show “Fantasy Island.” That show explored wish-fulfillment often to the extreme. The show often explored the various wishes and desires of the Island’s guests, brought to life. Often, the wishes don’t end up as the wisher expects.

Lynn appeared on the show in Dec. 1982 during the segment “Thank God, I’m a Country Girl.”

During that segment, Lynn played a waitress who traded up raising her daughter for being a country singer. Now that she’s seen the result of her actions, Lynn’s character’s wish is to reunite with her daughter again. The segment explores happiness and the price of fame. Of course, that same year Lynn was tearing up the charts with her hit song “I Lie.”

Lynn is just one of several country stars that made the jump into acting.