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Lucille Ball’s Daughter, Lucie Arnaz, Congratulates Nicole Kidman on Award Nominations for ‘Being the Ricardos’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by David Crotty/Getty Images)

Lucille Ball’s daughter Lucie Arnaz had a lot of input with Being the Ricardos. Though there was some backlash about Nicole Kidman portraying Lucy, she received a Best Actress nomination and Arnaz is ecstatic for her.

After hearing about Kidman’s award nomination, Lucie Arnaz announced it on her own Instagram account. Uploading a promotional poster image, as well as one of herself with Kidman portraying her mother, it’s clear she shares Kidman’s joy.

“Congratulations to Nicole Kidman @nicolekidman for her recent Best Actress nominations at the Satellite Awards @satelliteawards & HCA Film Awards for “Being the Ricardos.” You go, Girl!! (In select theaters Dec 10 and @amazonprimevideo Dec 21),” Arnaz captioned the post.

Despite Kidman’s fears and reservations about playing the iconic actress, the comment section is filled with praise for her. “I’m so excited for this! The trailer looks fantastic! Nicole captured your mothers voice and presence!” one user posted. “The accolades are already rolling in. Take that negative know it allllssssss. Can’t wait!!!” chimed in another.

When the film was revealed, many people were of the opinion Debra Messing should have played Lucille Ball instead. Though that shows up in the comment section here too, they’re quickly being shut down. “OMG. Give it up with Debra Messing already. She is not a great actress. This is not even a comedy. It’s not even about Lucy Riccardo who Debra played in a skit,” someone replied another commenter.

Regardless of your personal feelings, Lucie Arnaz seems to approve and is happy with Kidman’s performance. With it arriving in theaters one week from today and Amazon Prime Video a few weeks later, we’ll soon be able to see for ourselves.

Lucie Arnaz Told the ‘Being the Ricardos’ Director to ‘Take the Gloves Off’

It makes sense if you’re making a movie about Lucille Ball to heavily include her daughter in the matter. According to director Aaron Sorkin, Lucie Arnaz told him to go all out and “take the gloves off.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sorkin detailed how the movie came to be. One of the more interesting questions was why no one had done a Lucille Ball movie until now. Replying it’s best to ask Lucie Arnaz about that, he expands on his answer and talked about how much creative freedom she gave him.

“That’s probably better asked to Lucie Arnaz, who I should point out was very helpful in getting me to a yes. We all had lunch together, and she said to me, ‘I know my mother wasn’t an easy woman. Take the gloves off.’ In other words, you can go for it.”

Sorkin then said without a comment like that, the movie likely never would have happened.