Luke Bryan Hilariously Declines a Dance-Off During ‘American Idol’ Audition

by Samantha Whidden

Country music superstar Luke Bryan hilariously declined a dance-off offer during the latest round of American Idol auditions.

During a sneak peek of the auditions, fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry stated that Luke Bryan has had a love for Irish dancing for 10 years. She then suggested he and the contestant do a jig off. In response, Bryan declared, “Actually I’ve blown the a— out of my jeans and I’d like to stay right here.”

Fans of both American Idol and Luke Bryan reacted hilariously to the clip. One fan wrote, “Luke, you are SO FUNNY! I can’t wait to watch this episode!”

“Just about spit my drink out when you said that,” another fan declared. Meanwhile, a fan of all three American Idol judges shared, “This was FUNNY Luke!! Y’all are HILARIOUS on the show!! Keep us laughing okay!!”

Michigan Nurse Receives Rare Second Chance on ‘American Idol’

Meanwhile, a Michigan Nurse made his return to the American Idol stage three years after he was sent home during Hollywood Week. 

According to MLive, 28-year-old nurse Jacob Moran auditioned for the show in a rare second chance. This time he was 60 pounds lighter. While speaking to the media outlet, Moran shared, “This time around, I’ve been working on myself in every aspect. I’ve lost 60 pounds. I feel like I’m ready this time. I’m more prepared and more confident.”

Moran goes on to share that his second chance at American Idol is a blessing. “I mean, who gets a second chance to be on the show? Not many people. I feel like I know more about how the competition works and feel like that’s an advantage for me.”

Moran then admits that the main mistake that he made during Hollywood Week was just talking and interacting with people too much. “I simply lost my voice in Hollywood Week. This time around, if I make it again, I plan to make a conscious effort to take care of my voice. To watch how much I talk to people and try to keep that under control.”

Although he enjoys being a nurse and caring for others, Moran declared that he hopes that his American Idol journey is far from over. And he has a chance at landing a music career. “If I make it, I want to make music my main source of income. I want to learn so much in this business. Like, write and play instruments. Eventually, I want to head to California and be a sponge. Soak up the music business and learn everything I can about it. And see where I go from there.”

Moran’s second chance audition on American Idol will be airing tonight (March 20th).