Luke Bryan Says He’s ‘Ready to Get’ Fellow ‘American Idol’ Judge Lionel Ritchie in a Fishing Boat: ‘Trying to Get Him Custom-Made Gucci Waders’

by Jonathan Howard

Another season of American Idol is upon us. The crew is gearing up to travel the country and find the best talent they can find. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie return to weigh in on each contestant. While on the road, the judges talk and hang out. It must be a lot like being out on tour for the musicians.

While there is no telling what the judges do behind the scenes, Luke Bryan is dying to do one thing. Get Lionel Richie in a fishing boat. In a recent interview with TODAY, Bryan let it be known that he has been trying to get his fellow American Idol judge out on the water. However, it doesn’t bode well for the country star.

According to Bryan, the judges have a great relationship. “We really enjoy each other’s company, we enjoy working together,” and that is what has made the trio work. After going through so many changes at the judges’ table, this trio seems to be a winning combination. Despite that great relationship, Bryan has yet to get Lionel Richie out in a fishing boat.

“He’s [Lionel] promised me fishing trips,” Luke Bryan explained while laughing a bit. “I’m trying to get some custom-made Guccis, for fishing,” the country star lamented. More specifically, “Gucci waders,” Bryan told Willie Geist on Sunday. If there is any way that Lionel Richie is going to be pulling hooks out of lips, you know it is going to be done in style.

While the idea of Gucci waders is wonderful, the chances are slim. Bryan said that Richie has a typical response when asked to go fishing. “The only thing I’m hunting is a nice pair of Guccis,” Luke Bryan started, “I’m ready to get Lionel in a fishing boat.”

‘American Idol’ Heads into New Season

With the 20th season coming out, this is going to be a big deal for American Idol. Auditions are going to be held throughout the country and the judges are looking for the best singing talent they can find. Over the course of the show, various artists have been discovered and had successful careers. Although not all the success stories win the show.

Throughout the years, American Idol finalists, not just winners, have gone on to become music stars. So, while the judges will find the season 20 winner during auditions, the question should be, ‘Who else will they find?’ With so many auditions and so many performances, surely a few diamonds are in the rough. With these three judges, anything is possible.

Of course, Luke Bryan is going to be looking for the next country music star. While Katy Perry and Lionel Richie may be looking for more pop talent. It would be great for an R&B singer to come under Richie’s wing throughout this season. There will be a lot of wild auditions and strange people along the way. The 20th season of American Idol is coming soon to ABC.