Luke Bryan Teases Upcoming ‘American Idol’ Season 20

by Jonathan Howard

We are just one week away from another brand new season of American Idol. Luke Bryan is pumped for the 20th season of the show.

As a judge, Bryan has a lot of responsibility to promote the show. You know that he is going to get the fans pumped and excited as the new season approaches. They are going to go across the country, with live auditions, virtual auditions, and so much of that American Idol drama and emotion that fans love. Plus, all of the music!

Who are going to be the singers and artists that take the stage and make it to Hollywood? Will we see another big-time star in the making? There are all kinds of questions and fans are going to want to tune in the second this season starts so they can catch it all. Luke Bryan wants you to know it is going to be “AMAZING.”

Not only does Bryan judge, but he is also back with Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. Fans know that the trio has brought a big of new life to the show. Those three have given fans a new interest in the show and have been able to get viewers to tune in. Season 20 is almost here and that is huge for the show as a whole.

Of course, Bryan isn’t just a pretty face on TV. He has his own country music career to handle. That means new music, touring, putting together new albums, and so much more. It is a wonder he has time for anything else while he runs around doing TV, music, and everything else in between.

If Luke Bryan says it is going to be amazing, then fans are going to watch. That’s just how that goes.

Luke Bryan Takes Las Vegas Residency and Cracks NFL Joke

Speaking of all the things that Luke Bryan has going on, one of those things happens to be his Las Vegas residency. These are huge for country music singers. A sign that you have made it big, really. While on stage the usually goofy Bryan couldn’t help but make a joke with the NFL Super Bowl going on around the same time.

“I’m not really sure how well I’m going to do having a residency in Las Vegas,” Bryan told his audience. “I already lost my ass this week on blackjack, which made me double my typical NFL bets. Raise your hand if you’re up out there tonight? Raise your hand if you’re down … it’s always more. I don’t get on f**king double down in seven days!”

Now that’s just tough luck. Hopefully, contestants on American Idol have better luck on their auditions than Luke Bryan did at the blackjack table.