Luke Bryan Thanks Katy Perry For ‘Offering to Do My Laundry’ During Hilarious American Idol Casting Video

by Megan Molseed

American Idol is coming back, ya’ll and this year is the twentieth year,” said Luke Bryan in the latest “American Idol” promo. “And it’s time to find the next superstar!”

On Saturday, August 7 Luke Bryan took to Twitter where he shared the most recent “American Idol” promo. The video features all three “American Idol” judges, Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie in their own element. Well, if finding Katy Perry between slices of bread is her own element. But that’s the gist of the ad anyway. The hilarious video also includes Ryan Seacrest the hit reality show’s longtime host.

Even “American Idol Hosts Have Chores

During the commercial for season twenty of “American Idol,” the three music superstar judges encourage the audience to begin sending in their virtual auditions for the show. Each judge has something to say as they go about their daily routines. Luke Bryan is showering, Lionel Richie is working on his yard and shooting some hoops. Katey Perry is hanging in her kitchen and working on some laundry.

During one segment, Perry is seen chillin’ atop a washer and dryer, tossing her laundry in, getting ready to do a load – Katy Perry style. Of course, Luke Bryan had to give the pop superstar a shout-out for Katy Perry’s domestic moment.

“Gah @katyperry thank you for offering to do my laundry in LA. ha,” the country music star joked on the Twitter post. “Seriously though if you think you’re the next superstar? Idol Across America face-to-face auditions start today!”

“American Idol” took America on by storm when it premiered in 2002. Really the first reality show of its kind in the states, audiences were immediately intrigued by the possibility that an “average” person could hit the big-time in the unique competition series.

However, it wasn’t long before viewers realized there was little that was “average” about some of the contestants. More than one of today’s superstars found fame on the iconic singing competition series.

The Hit Show Finds a New Home

Initially premiering on Fox, the show found a successful run for multiple seasons. However, in 2016, “American Idol” took a two-year hiatus. When the popular show made its return in 2018, it had found a new home on the ABC network.

Over the years, “American Idol” has featured multiple famous judges. When the show first premiered, three judges were making the calls. The original “American Idol” panel included iconic pop superstar Paula Abdul, musician and producer, Randy Jackson, and the brutally honest Simon Cowell who found fame in the European versions of the hit series. 

Since then, the show has seen a variety of judges from superstar Jennifer Lopez, to iconic rocker Steven Tyler, or pop superstar Mariah Carey and country star Keith Urban.

The concept of “American Idol” is simple: anyone can try out for a spot, but few are chosen. From there, the audience and viewers vote for their favorite performer each week until there is only one left standing. The “next” “American Idol.”

Some music superstars that have found careers after competing on the iconic television show include Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Gabbie Barrett, and Jordin Sparks.