Luke Combs Pokes Fun at Bad Fishermen During Jimmy Kimmel Sketch

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself a little bit. Like Luke Combs did while on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. He went from country music star to comedy star in a quick minute. And, it seems like he doesn’t need a lot of help being funny. Although, I’m sure the writers at the show had a lot to do with his great delivery on the show. This is a skit Outsiders are going to enjoy.

While we all like to think of ourselves as professionals when we get the rod and reel out, that’s just not the case. And, we all know one or two friends that prefer the extracurricular activities out on the water. So, for those that like to relax more than they like to reel, this sketch is for you.

Check out Luke Combs presenting “Bass Amateur Shop” on Kimmel.

“Bass Amateur Shop… The place for people who love to fish, but don’t have the faintest idea how to do it.”

Proudly proclaiming “DUMMIES WELCOME” on the front of the hypothetical store, the sketch goes through the list of things it offers. From “Cranky Turny Guy” (spinning reels) to “Big Tall Shoes” (wading boots), “Dental Floss” (fishing line), and the “Scoopdydoops” (fishing nets). The best part of this whole thing though, are the expressions on Luke’s face throughout. He really got into this one it seems.

Oh, and how can we forget, “A big ass selection of Christmas ornaments”?

This sketch was great and the fact that Luke Combs was game to do something like this just speaks to his attitude. He clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, and his fans thank him for that.

What can’t Luke Combs do?

Luke Combs Caps Off a ‘Hell of a Week’

So, maybe you yourself had a long week last week. Perhaps you’ve been really busy. And I’m sure you have, Outsiders. However, it’d be hard to beat the week that Luke Combs just had. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel was a bit of a cherry on top of all the cool things that he’s done since last week.

Combs released an album, appeared on late-night TV, not to mention he and his wife had a baby, had his whole family in town to celebrate and was running around doing everything that you do when something huge like that happens in your life. “Listen, it’s been a hell of a week for me,” the singer said.

“I’m so glad that you guys are finally getting to hear these things,” he said of the album. “And I’m really looking forward to hearing what you guys think about these things.”

With a new album, Luke Combs has already promised more new music is on the way and that has to have fans feeling very excited.