‘MacGyver’: Fans Call Out CBS, Make #SaveMacGyver Trending After Show Renewals Announced

by Quentin Blount

Fans are taking to social media to campaign for CBS to renew MacGyver for its sixth season following the show’s recent cancellation.

For those who don’t know, MacGyver is a reboot of the 1985-1992 television show of the same name. The 2016 reboot stars Lucas Till as Angus “Mac” MacGyver whereas Richard Dean Anderson played the lead character in the original series. In the new series, MacGyver is a government agent who takes an unconventional approach to taking down criminals.

However, much to its fans’ displeasure, the news came last week that the current season of the show (season five) will be the show’s last. It’s unclear what exactly the reasoning is for the network to cancel the show, but many in the entertainment industry have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, even MacGyver has been impacted over the past year. Season four of the show ended early with just 13 episodes. And in addition, season five will end with 15 episodes — both below the more than 20 episodes in each of the first three seasons.

‘MacGyver’ Fans Are Taking Action

Fans of the popular CBS show are hoping that the network’s decision isn’t quite final. They recently started a petition on Change.org that calls for fans to sign.

“‘MacGyver’ is a beloved show that has been running on CBS for 5 years. It has had strong ratings and great storylines for 5 seasons,” the petition reads. “For some reason, CBS has decided to cancel it, in spite of it winning them the Friday night lineup for weeks in a row.”

As of right now, the MacGyver petition has already racked up more than 14,765 signatures of its 15,000 goal.

Meanwhile, fans of MacGyver have also gotten #SaveMacGyver to trend on Twitter. The hashtag has gone viral on the social media platform. It has seen thousands of people tweeting in about it in just the past hour alone. One fan even suggested that perhaps the show should look for a home on a different network.

“You know what, @CBS don’t deserve #MacGyver, they don’t deserve Lucas, Tristin and the rest of the cast, writers, and crew!!! We need to find them a better hom. @netflix are you interested in a great show with a beautiful fandom? #SaveMacGyver”

“There’s still a lot of work to do,” another follower wrote. “Get to it. #SaveMacGyver”

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