‘Magnum PI’: A Country Club Becomes a Crime Scene in Latest Episode

by Megan Molseed

Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) went undercover with the elite in the most recent episode of Magnum PI. Well, Higgins went undercover with the elite while Magnum got to portray the “cutie bartender” at the upscale country club.

The October 15 episode which is titled Texas Wedge gave fans a hilarious sneak peek before the Friday premiere where Higgins is ready to get her flirt-on with Magnum.

At least, that’s what she says while she’s undercover.

“I’m gonna go and flirt with that cutie behind the bar there,” Higgins says as a country club member offers to grab her a hotdog.

“And I ain’t leaving til I get his number,” the undercover detective adds. “So take your time.”

Playing Catch-Up While Undercover

Of course, this was the perfect chance for Magnum PI’s Higgins, who is undercover as a country club member named Harper, to spend some time touching base with Magnum. This, as Magnum maintains his undercover role as a clubhouse bartender.

But, even under this ruse, Magnum couldn’t help but tease Higgins for her flirtatious choice of words.

“Did I hear you call me a cutie?” Magnum asks as Higgins approaches the bar.

Higgins couldn’t let Magnum sit too long with the compliment stating that her undercover persona, Harper, “clearly has questionable taste.”

While the banter was fun, the two detectives quickly got down to business comparing notes from their undercover assignments.

Higgins and Magnum were hired by a young caddy named Trevor in an effort to clear his name. He had been fired from his caddying job at the prestigious club after he was accused of stealing a set of expensive clubs by a witness.

The owners of the clubs had been out of town. The placement of the stolen clubs made the two detectives a little leery about the “witnesses” account.

Things just seemed a little too perfect with the witness just “happening” to be in the right place at the right time to report the theft.

‘Magnum PI’ Goes Undercover To Solve The Case Of The Missing Golf Clubs

Upon further investigating, the Magnum PI detectives soon discover that someone is using new golf clubs to cover for a smuggling operation.

“The stolen bags were recently shipped here using Club2Club. It’s a service that transports golfbags between golf clubs around the world,” Higgins notes.

Higgins notes that these stolen bags were being stored in a highly secured area of the club. One that is very difficult to get to.

“That’s odd,” says Magnum.

“If you’re going to steal clubs, why not get the ones that are easier to grab?” the detective ponders.

“Right,” agrees Higgins.

One Suspicious Account

Higgins also notes that one particular account that is shipping bags has been sending them only one way, as opposed to the typical two-way shipping most users set up.

And, she adds, the weight of the bags is much more than a standard bag of golf clubs.

“The average weight of the bags shipped by that account is 135 pounds,” notes Higgin, noting that an actual set of clubs usually weighs about thirty pounds.

Soon, the Magnum PI detectives lean that someone was using these golf clubs as a cover for smuggling ivory tusks.

Eventually, Trevor’s innocence was proved when the smugglers were arrested. And, as an added benefit, the caddy was granted full membership to the posh club. Not a bad day for the Magnum PI detectives!