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‘Magnum P.I.’ Reboot Adds New Character for Season 4

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Fred Hayes/Getty Images for Sundance)

Magnum P.I. is returning to CBS this fall, and a new character will be teaming up with our favorite private investigator. Today, TV Line announced that Chantal Thuy has been cast as Magnum’s (Jay Hernandez) new love interest.

Season three left viewers wondering what was in store for the popular reboot of the classic 1980s crime drama. In the season finale, Magnum bid a tearful goodbye to his business partner, Juliet Higgins. The cliffhanger was especially brutal because the plot seemed to hint at a budding relationship between the two. Earlier in the show, Magnum confided in his friends that he wanted more than just a friendship with Higgins, and they urged him to tell her. Instead, Magnum wished Higgins well as she left to join her boyfriend, Ethan, on a stint with Doctors Without Borders.

So, the show was left with a gaping character hole and a lot of unanswered questions. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of the love triangle. But, the character hole has officially been filled.

Chantal Thuy will play Lia Kaleo, a “smart” and “street-savvy HPD detective.” According to TV Line, Magnum and Kaleo have been secretly dating since Higgins left the islands. No one, not even Magnum’s best friends, knew about the sleuth-y couple. And when season four picks up, we’ll learn about another secret that Kaleo has been keeping.

Viewers may recognize Thuy from Black Lightning where she played a shapeshifter named Grace Choi. The Canadian actress has also made appearances in other dramas such as Pretty Little Liars and Madam Secretary.

Season four of Magnum P.I. will air on October 1st at 9/8c.

Why Did the Original Magnum P.I. End?

Tom Selleck recently opened up about why the series that launched his Hollywood career ended.

In an interview last June, the Blue Bloods star reminisced about his time on Magnum P.I. Back in the 1980s, Selleck played the original ever-charming Magnum, and fans couldn’t get enough. In the series, Selleck was a retired Navy Seal who cruised around the Hawaiian islands in a red Ferrari and short shorts while he solved crimes.

Selleck won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his portrayal as the P.I., and the series aired for eight years—but Selleck claims that the show could have lasted a few years longer.

“Magnum never was canceled,” Selleck said. “God knows how many episodes we could’ve done, with the No. 1 show on the air.”

 It was never actually canceled. Selleck admitted that he decided to leave the show. And since Magnum P.I. was nothing with Magnum, the series had to end. The Closer star said filming was too taxing, and he needed to move on with his career. 

“I had done the No. 1 movie in the world. I was tired from (Magnum). I was doing 90-hour weeks for eight years,” he said. “So, it was time. What a nice way to go off. What a nice way to pay homage to the show. It was still so popular.”