‘Magnum PI’ Star Stephen Hill Discusses ‘Touching’ Story Arc for T.C.

by Joe Rutland

You know that sometimes, a solid story involves some human emotions. This is the case for Magnum PI and one of its main characters.

See, this episode that aired on Friday night features T.C., played by Stephen Hill, in the middle of a touching story. We get some more information about this from TV Insider.

Yes, the show does star Jay Hermandez as Thomas Magnum. But we get a little shift from the rough-and-tough fight scenes.

‘Magnum PI’ Character Looks To Become Foster Dad To Cade

T.C., who is one tough veteran of the Marines and a pilot, looks ready to become a foster dad. He will be one to Cade, played by Martin Martinez. Earlier this season, T.C. met Cade, who is a hardworking, abandoned 16-year-old.

According to Hill, T.C. “could just be the guy who swings through with the helicopter when you need him to do something, you know?

“I’ve had so many people raised by foster parents, or that needed a foster parent, tell me how much this story arc is really touching them,” he said.

T.C. Sends Off Cade To 10th Grade And Tries To Hold It Together

In the Friday night episode of Magnum PI, T.C. is an endearing “nervous wreck” when he sends Cade off to his first day of 10th grade. Now, Detective Katsumoto, played by Tim Kang, insisted they needed to make one more effort to find Cade’s long-missing mother.

They want to do this before T.C.’s custody can be official. “He’s torn in the moment,” Hill said. Having been raised by his grandparents after his mother left him, T.C. “puts Cade first” and begins the search. T.C.’s heart will go on: He’ll find romance later this season. “I don’t know how he pulls it off living in his small trailer,” Hill said. “Maybe he goes to her house.”

Martinez’s arrival as Cade Jensen was announced by Deadline. The teen wants a job at La Mariana, the bar run by Magnum’s buddy, Rick.

What has the actor done before joining Magnum PI? Martinez appeared on Never Have I Ever on Netflix. He played Oliver Martinez on that show. But his acting resume includes appearances on Marvel’s RunawaysChicago P.D.Station 19Shameless, and The Fosters. That’s a lot of work right there. Oh, he also is set for an appearance on Pachinko as Oliver. The series, based on a beloved novel, will start production soon. It’ll be on Apple TV.

By the way, this is not your older family member’s show. They probably will be looking for Tom Selleck somewhere. Well, he’s not involved with this revival series. Go look for him on Blue Bloods and enjoy his work on that police drama.