‘Man vs. Wild’ Star Bear Grylls Announces New Scouts Program Supporting 4 & 5-Year-Olds Called ‘Squirrel Scouts’

by Kati Michelle

Some of your favorite early childhood memories might involve making mud pies in the backyard and drinking water straight out of the garden hose. It was a simpler time. Little girls got a head start cultivating their entrepreneurial spirit through cookie sales with the Girl Scouts.

Little boys tried to rack up those merit badges on their climb from Boy Scout to the coveted Eagle Scout title. Those really encompassed the choices available at the time. However, a new scout path is underway. Who better for the job and to spearhead the mission than “Man vs. Wild” star Bear Grylls himself? He spilled all the details in a recent Instagram post.

Bear Grylls Launches Squirrel Scouts

Partnering with the official UK Scouts, Grylls took to Instagram to reveal their new project together. Typically, the primary Scout groups reserved the scouting experience for kiddos in grades K-12. With Bear’s new launch, however, Scouts are opening up their doors to the little ones. Specifically, Bear Grylls says he is “incredibly proud that @Scouts will now be supporting 4 and 5-year-olds” with their new Squirrel Scouts program. His caption continues saying that “starting this month, we’ll provide a safe, fun place for early years children to make friends, have adventures, and learn #SkillsForLife at a time it matters most.”

After Bear’s quick introduction, the video cuts to different scenes of happy children. A group of kids donning some seriously adorable uniforms play outside together, while others partake in science experiments. There are scenes of marshmallows on sticks and watering plants. A childhood staple of gym class, the brightly colored parachute, also makes an appearance.

Bear Grylls narrates the video with pretty big goals for the future. He roots for children of all backgrounds, especially those that might have “fallen behind.” He urges everyone to “dream big” and nurture that curiosity for learning.

So far, the comments bolster that sense of community that Bear is hopeful for.

@avbest17grylls writes: “Scouts makes us proud 🙌”

You can check out the Instagram post here:

Squirrels 101

From their website, the Scouts list several benefits for joining the group. Some of these include making friends, exploring the outdoors, learning new things, and earning badges through interactive fun. Currently, the launch puts Squirrel Scouts on the ground in 200 different areas. While families wait for the program to grow and come to their city, volunteer opportunities are plentiful in the meantime.

They say volunteering is a way to “keep your body and brain active as you make a huge difference to young people’s lives – helping them develop skills for life and learn a whole lot about themselves along the way.” Volunteering also need not be full-time. On the matter, Scouts tells the public “It doesn’t matter if you want to get involved regularly or help out occasionally – we can find the right fit for you.”