‘Many Saints Of Newark’ Probably Won’t Get a Sequel: Here’s Why

by Michael Freeman

The Sopranos fans were given a treat in the form of Many Saints of Newark, a film serving as a prequel to the legendary television series. However, if you’re hoping for a sequel to the film, it seems like you’ll be left wanting.

Looper reports Many Saints of Newark probably won’t see a sequel for a few reasons. According to the Associated Press, creator David Chase only did the film in the first place because he always wanted to make movies. Additionally, as a part of a five-year deal with WarnerMedia, they want him to produce a TV series set in The Sopranos universe. With that going on, along with the two parties having clashing ideas, a new movie seems unlikely.

Though Many Saints of Newark wasn’t incredibly successful, it did spike The Sopranos viewership. This prompted WarnerMedia to sign a five-year deal with Chase to produce content set in the fictional universe, Deadline reported.

Sources suspect the TV series serves as a sequel to Many Saints of Newark and a prequel to The Sopranos. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about a possible movie sequel, Chase did say he’d like to explore it. “I have an idea for that that I’d like to do. But I don’t think they want that,” he stated. The “they” in that sentence refers to WarnerMedia.

While it’s certainly possible to have a sequel to Many Saints of Newark in the form of a television series and movie, it doesn’t seem likely in this case. Nonetheless, if Chase convinces WarnerMedia otherwise, it could very well happen.

‘Many Saints of Newark’ Director Alan Taylor Suspects Tony Soprano Died in the Show’s Final Scene

Left ambiguous and up to the viewers, Tony Soprano’s fate at the end of The Sopranos is still debated to this day. Alan Taylor, the Many Saints of Newark director, is among those convinced Tony died.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor weighed in on Tony dying in the final scene. “There’s just too many signifiers [in the final season],” he told the outlet. “The biggest one for me is, I think in the entire history of The Sopranos, there’s only one line of dialogue that has ever been played back a second time as voiceover.”

Citing that as his proof, what scene is Taylor referring to? “And that’s when Bobby Baccalieri says that you don’t hear the bullet (when you die). So the fact that was said in an earlier episode, then repeated in voiceover later, I have to go with Tony’s dead.”

Interestingly enough, Taylor said David Chase told him a fun fact about the scene. He stated it allows for “every possibility (to be) alive that room.”

Essentially, it serves as a Schrodinger’s cat in that Tony can be alive and dead. That’s a fun way to put it.