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Maren Morris and Husband Ryan Hurd Show Off Face Masks for Tennessee Titans Game

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Shearer/Getty Images for CMT

In a recent Instagram story post, country, folk, and pop-crossover artist, Maren Morris, shows off her face mask.

She and her husband Ryan Hurd were showing off being well-protected against COVID-19 while watching a Tennessee Titans game.

Morris Has Her Own Huge Win

Morris recently had a huge win as an artist, as she earned a multi-week country chart-topper. She also reached 15 on the Top 40 list. The country genre is lacking huge superstar artists that are females, so up-and-coming hit artist, Morris, is big news.

Morris released “Girl” and it is a country music hit. While this was still on country radio, she also pushed “The Bones” as her landmark pop radio song.

Her ability to be on the charts consistently is in large part due to her success as a crossover artist. In fact, she was also named Variety’s Hitmakers Crossover Artist of the Year.

Standing For Beliefs

The artist has made it clear where she stands politically. She disagreed with many of the controversial CMAs award’s decisions this year. The show, with a lack of some COVID-19 regulations and a statement saying they wanted it to be non-political and “drama-free,” created some divide.

“I’m glad they corrected their statement later. Listen, I know we’re all exhausted, and it’s been a 24-hour news cycle for most of us, and we’re glued to it — and yeah, music is an escape. But it’s also a mirror. So I think that artists can do whatever the hell they want, and are not going to be dictated to by any association, because it’s art. So, if you want to make a statement, do it,” said Morris.

She has stood as a Black Lives Matter supporter in “Better Than We Found It” and has supported President-Elect Joe Biden through the virtual “I Will Vote” fundraiser. It is a step that many country artists were not willing to take, whether they supported him or not.

Besides being a talented, multi-genre artist topping the charts, she continues to advocate for what she believes in, regardless of what some fans may think. That may even include her role as a Titans supporter.

Tennessee Titans

Besides being a hit artist, Morris and her husband are huge Tennessee Titans fans.

The Titans are currently 8-3 and they are first in the AFC South. As of today, Dec. 6, the team is playing the Cleveland Browns. The team’s outside linebacker, Jadeveon Clowney, will be out for the rest of the season after a knee surgery he tried to play through.

Fans are having mixed reactions after now seeing part of the game against the Browns.

The team, while strong in stats at the moment, struggle with consistency. The Browns are 8-3 as well, but second in AFC North. The team is known for not having the best performance. They haven’t been in a Super Bowl since 1964.