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Maren Morris Takes Shots at Tomi Lahren, Fans Who Claim Trump Supporters Will Unfollow Her

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: John Shearer/ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM

Maren Morris had words for both Tomi Lahren and any Donald Trump supporter that wanted to unfollow her. The country music singer took shots at both on Twitter after the presidential debate.

Morris responded to one of Lahren’s tweets. The political commentator reacted to a question posed to Trump about immigration during the debate. Debate moderator Kristen Welker had asked Trump if he plans to help 500 migrant children reunite with their parents. The families had been separated by immigration control at the Mexico-United States border.

Lahren wrote on Twitter, “Don’t wanna be separated? Don’t come here illegally!!!!”

Morris quickly responded to the tweet, criticizing Lahren. Morris wrote, “Tomi, this is f–king cruel. Even for you.”

Fans Responded to Maren Morris on Twitter

Several followers responded to Morris’ reaction on Twitter. Some users supported Morris for calling out Lahren and agreed that the commentator had gone too far. One user wrote, “Expect nothing less from Tami.”

In contrast, several criticized the country singer for her viewpoint. One user wrote, “How is it f–kin cruel do it the right way like every country. Why give them the benefit of the doubt when they basically cut in line of everyone. My parents did it the right way on immigrating to the greatest country. It ain’t cruel its what happens when u illegally immigrant.”

But one user received Morris’ wraith in return. Someone commented that the singer would lose followers. They posted a GIF of Miley Cyrus blowing and kiss and waving. They also wrote, “@MarenMorris @ the trump supporters unfollowing her.”

Morris responded in kind, writing “BYE B—H.”

After the debate, the country singer revealed she would be speaking at an upcoming benefit concert for Joe Biden. She thanked both Biden and the Democrats.

“Ya’ll, I have never been asked to speak at anything, only perform,” she began. “This Sunday, I am speaking to my country. I’m joining an incredible group of performers for a concert to support @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris and Democrats down the ballot. Reserve your spot: http://joebiden.com/concert”