Mark Wahlberg Is Embracing ‘Getting Older’ With His New Mustache

by Jonathan Howard

Mark Wahlberg seems to be busy all the time. While the actor has had a lot of different looks, his new mustache is brand new.

It seems that Marky Mark has grown up all the way. (Kidding). Wahlberg has been a clean-shaven face almost ever since he hit the scene as a young musician. He’s sported some stubble from time to time, but not like this. If you have seen the Uncharted trailers, you will notice the actor has grown some facial hair under his nose.

Check out the video below and see Mark Wahlberg talk about his new look and why he is still rocking the stache.

“I’ve always wanted to have a mustache, why do you think I have this now?” Wahlberg said cracking a smile. “I’m still living in the moment. I was never really able to grow a full mustache until recently. My makeup guy might have to add a little color to fill it in a little bit. I love the idea, and I’ve always embraced getting a little bit older and maturing.”

This movie is going to be interesting. Action. Video game crossover appeal. Tom Holland AKA Spider-Man. And, of course, Mark Wahlberg and his mustache. The trailers so far have been funny, and Wahlberg’s role as the older mentor, Victor Sullivan, seems to be a solid fit.

Fans should expect the actor to appear a bit older and not as active in this film as his younger costar. And, that’s for good reason.

Mark Wahlberg Had to ‘Improvise’ Injuries

While talking about “getting older” in the video above, Mark Wahlberg revealed something about himself and perhaps his career moving forward. He says that his new facial hair is part of aging and taking that in stride, instead of fighting it. This film is going to have a lot of big stunts, jumps, and moments.

However, the 50-year-old Mark Wahlberg isn’t going to be the one doing them, for the most part.

“Every day I was just trying to improvise that I had a different injury or ailment. And it was fun, and it’s inevitable. I’ve seen other actors not embrace getting older and try to fight that and hold on with everything they can and doing all kinds of stuff. And I’m embracing getting older, I appreciate it.”

While Wahlberg made a living off of being a muscled-up action star for a few years or more, he is embracing a new stage in his career. Instead of fighting things, he’s going to do what he’s comfortable with doing. This film is going to have all of the fun action movie stuff that fans want to see. However, it seems to be a true effort to make a box office success out of a video game that many viewed as an Indiana Jones-type adventure? Just 15 days until Uncharted releases in theaters.