Mark Wahlberg Honors the Sacrifices of All the Heroes on Veterans Day

by Michael Freeman

Though they should receive recognition every day, Veterans Day highlights the sacrifice our service members make for us. Mark Wahlberg and his family have a long history of supporting our armed forces and today is no exception. Taking to social media platforms, Mark honored the sacrifices our heroes make.

Posting a picture on Instagram showing him with our veterans overseas, Mark Wahlberg thanked them for their service.

“Thank you to all the heroes of the armed forces for your courage and sacrifice in serving our nation. us #VeteransDay,” the caption reads. In the pic, we see Wahlberg standing there with our service members. Based on the architecture and the uniforms they’re wearing, it appears to be overseas.

Wahlberg’s comment section seems to approve too, with many of them commending his recognition of our veterans. Interestingly enough, some of the veterans he visited while overseas sounded off too. “I remember when you came to Afghanistan. That was great. Thanks,” one person wrote. “Thank you @markwahlberg don’t what year this was but you sure lifted my nieces spirits and all her comrades with your visit,” chimed in another.

Others simply recognize how much Wahlberg honors our heroes. “The first celebrity to post on this special day. Thank you #markwahlberg for always honoring and remembering those who have served and our first responders. #VeteransDay,” another user wrote. “So awesome! My son, my Marine was in Afghanistan when you visited. He said you were so cool and was so happy to meet you and E,” someone else mentioned.

The Wahlbergs Have Long Supported Our Veterans

Mark Wahlberg highlighting our military members is hardly something new, but that holds true for his entire family. Throughout all of their careers, if there’s one thing they’ve all made clear, it’s honoring our veterans.

In fact, back in August, all three Wahlberg brothers received honors from the SEAL Legacy Foundation for their “unwavering support of our Armed Forces.” Donnie Wahlberg posted about it on Twitter, saying “Thank you for the amazing honor. Thank you @[email protected] for all you do for veterans. Those who serve are the ones truly deserving of any and all honors. Thank you!”

SEALs (SEa, Air, Land) teams run the SEAL Legacy Foundation. The organization helps assist SEALs and their families while simultaneously supporting other charitable causes benefitting the SEAL community. Founded in 2011, receiving an honor from them is high praise indeed.

Additionally, the Wahlberg have their own chain of restaurants, Wahlburgers. The chain not only offers discounts to service members and veterans, but is also set up on military bases throughout the country. Securing these locations makes it both easy and affordable for veterans to get good food without the hassle.