Mark Wahlberg Is Working Hard to Get Over ‘Thanksgiving Hangover’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is the food. Yes, the fellowship with friends and family is a nice, beautiful thing, but most folks spend a lot of time thinking about that can’t-miss Thanksgiving meal. Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg is no different, as he is already back at the gym trying to work off that Thanksgiving spread.

In a new Instagram video, Wahlberg wrote, “I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving- now back to it! @f45_training_shermanoaks 🔥🔥💪🏼.” In the video, Wahlberg talks about a cardio day being sprung on him at the gym, and that he was still feeling the effects of too much turkey and pies from Thanksgiving. He also mentions a person he met at the gym who inspired him to get back after it because of their fitness journey.

One fan wrote on the post, “Getting after it. Gotta burn off all the calories taken in last week.”

Another fan wrote, “Right on!! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving 💪🦃”

Mark Wahlberg And ‘Transformers’

Wahlberg has starred in so many films over the years from The Other Guys to The Departed, he has appeared in every kind of movie you could think of. One of his most interesting roles, though, is perhaps his starring role in the Transformers movies.

Ahead of Transformers: The Last Knight, he spoke to Screen Rant about the role working on such a different kind of role, “Yes. But it’s one of those things where you had to be completely committed anyway, so once you take the leap of faith, you’re in it. And that’s why I was always encouraging everybody, ‘Pay attention to every scene in this script… No dialogue, it doesn’t matter.’ You have to know everything that’s going on around you. Michael doesn’t have a lot of time for explaining things, it’s a pretty fast-paced shoot.”

‘Transformers’ Moved Fast

It was clearly a tough adjustment for Wahlberg from the kind of movies he was used to. It was less about the dialogue and it was more about the action. Still, it is interesting to see how quickly things moved for the film.

He concluded, “Extremely, it is. Although Michael has the whole movie in his head so sometimes he’ll be doing things that will seem to not make sense, but then you see the movie and you’ll understand why. We’ll be in the middle of a scene and all of a sudden he’ll be like, ‘This is not working.’ And you don’t know if he’s talking about necessarily the dialogue, your performance, or whatever. But it may be just the clouds in the background of, you know, the frame as a whole. So we’ll jump from thing to thing, and you just have to be prepared for anything at any time.”

The shoots moved fast. Making this movie required the cast to always be on their toes, Mark included.