Mark Wahlberg & Mel Gibson’s New Movie Also Features a ‘Yellowstone’ Star

by Madison Miller

Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson are teaming up for a movie all about the journey to redemption.

The movie is “Father Stu,” which is a true-life drama and faith-based movie which will come out on April 15 (Good Friday). The movie tells the touching story of a boxer that decides to turn his life around and become a priest. Father Stuart Long goes from a life of chaos and self-destruction to a life of redemption as a priest.

Upcoming ‘Father Stu’ Movie with Mark Wahlberg

Alongside Wahlberg are Gibson, Teresa Ruiz, and Jacki Weaver. For fans of the hit Western series “Yellowstone,” you likely recognize Jacki Weaver. She has portrayed Caroline Warner on the show during the most recent season. She has appeared in a total of four episodes.

Weaver plays the new CEO of Roarke Morris’ company, Market Equities. Her character works very diligently to try to get the Dutton family to give up their massive ranch. This time, the firm is looking to get the ranch without all the guns and violence, but with a more resourceful strategy.

It’s unclear what role she will play in “Father Stu” at the moment. The movie has already made quite the impact, specifically with Mark Wahlberg.

“Father Stu’s journey from troublemaker to clergyman was inspiring to many, including me. Rosey has done an incredible job capturing the essence of who he was and how he affected the people he met. I hope that with this film, we keep his spirit alive and continue his good works,” Wahlberg said to Variety.

The movie is the directorial debut for Rosalind Ross, who is allegedly dating Mel Gibson.

Where Else Have You Seen Jacki Weaver?

Besides her role in season four of “Yellowstone” and her upcoming appearance in “Father Stu,” Weaver has done a fair share of work in the entertainment world.

During the first part of her career, Weaver appeared in a number of Australian television projects during the 1960s. Then, in 1971, she was cast as the lead in “Stork.”

This role helped launch her career. She actually won the Australian Film Institute’s award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her first-ever feature film. After that, she would also appear in “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and “Caddie.”

She took a break from movies and worked in the theater for a bit. One of her first films back was “Animal Kingdom” in 2010 alongside Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, and Guy Pearce. She earned an Academy Award nomination for this role. Then, she would play the mother in “Silver Linings Playbook” alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

One of her latest appearances was in the popular Netflix movie “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock. Sadly, she just doesn’t make it to the end of that film.