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Mark Wahlberg Says ‘Miss You Mom’ in New Pic With Family

by Jacklyn Krol
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Mark Wahlberg celebrated his family while paying tribute to his late mother.

On Sunday, December 5, Wahlberg shared a photo with his siblings. The caption read, “Family… miss you mom.”

Wahlberg has been quite candid about grieving the loss of his mother on social media. Mark Whalberg’s 78-year-old mother Alma passed away in April 2021. Her cause of death has not been revealed but she did suffer from dementia.

Alma is survived by Mark and Donnie Wahlberg along with their siblings Paul, Robert, Jim, Arthur, Tracey and Michelle. Her daughter Debbie passed away in 2003 at 43 from a heart attack.

Alma was beloved by fans of the A&E reality show Wahlburgers. Before her children’s fame, she was a bank clerk and a nurse’s aide. When her sons’ purchased the restaurants, she became a greeter and reality star.

Mark Wahlberg’s Special Ritual

Mark Wahlberg was extremely close to his mother and his family in general. When she passed away, the family was understandably heartbroken. They have still been experiencing the effects of grief and have shared their favorite memories with her on social media. He told Fatherly that life has been heartbreaking and hard on him.

“It was always the first phone call that I made every single day for the last 10 years, was to my mom. And I don’t get to make that phone call anymore,” he revealed.

For Mark Wahlberg, his sister has been an enormous support system for him and his fellow siblings. She cared for Alma before her passing. Shortly after her death, he went home to Boston to visit her for her birthday. It was a struggle for him as Alma previously held all of the family birthday functions. They used this to not only celebrate his sister but reminisce about his mother’s life.

“It didn’t really hit me until it was time to cut the cake,” he recalled. “And then I realized, wow, both of my parents are not here and she’s my caregiver to be there for me and be my support system. “

Wahlberg has now been communicating with his family now more than ever. Alma’s death brought them closer together and realized just how precious life is.

“Everybody obviously was off doing their own thing and they’d be in their own lives. And now we’re constantly doing a multi-person FaceTime,” he added.

He described his mother as “tough as nails” and shared how proud she was of her children.

“She was most proud of the husband and the dad that I was,” he shared. “I mean, she always appreciated the successes and the things that I was able to do professionally, but the personal growth really meant something to her.