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Mark Wahlberg’s New Adventure Flick ‘Uncharted’ Kicked Off to Hot Start Overseas: See the Numbers

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s new action-adventure movie, “Uncharted,” is performing off the charts as it premieres for the first time overseas.

The move is based on a popular video game series and hit 15 different offshore markets before it will make its domestic debut on February 18. So far, it’s showing up to dominate at the international box office. The movie grossed a total of $21.5 million. It performed exceptionally well in the UK, Spain, and Russia.

According to Deadline, the movie was No. 1 in each of its openings. Luckily, certain areas it released happened to have school holidays, which meant more people could show up to see the film. In addition, Tom Holland is still dominating from his role in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” as he enters his “Uncharted” phase directly after.

‘Uncharted’ Overseas Success

The Super Bowl also isn’t going to affect people going to see the movie overseas, either. The entire global rollout for the movie is next weekend. This will include Australia, Italy, Japan, France, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Korea.

The movie is based on a Naughty Dog game series that was released on PlayStation. The video games are incredibly popular, but video game adaptations can be hard to pull off on the big screen. We’ve seen it done in the past with massive games like “Resident Evil,” “Silent Hill,” and “Mortal Kombat.”

Following very close behind is “Death On The Nile” which is the other major new opener. This movie came in with a total global launch of $33.5 million.

“Uncharted” follows main character Nathan Drake (Holland) and his partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Wahlberg). They look for a treasure that has never been found by people before. The duo is also hoping to find clues that will lead to Nate’s long-lost brother as well.

‘Uncharted’ Revives an Old Genre

For fans of the Nicolas Cage movie “National Treasure,” the new “Uncharted” movie may offer you something you’ve been yearning for.

The director, Ruben Fleischer, explained how this movie is actually reviving the globe-trotting adventure film genre. He argues we haven’t had a movie that fits in this category since “National Treasure.” Fleischer is most known for his work on “Venom” and “Zombieland.”

The “Uncharted” film will also get the attention of video game fans and the everyday action movie fanatic. The movie is actually a prequel to what happens in the game. It tells Nathan Drake’s backstory and how he got into his adventuring ways.

Regardless, Fleischer is hoping the movie will provide an epic level of excitement.

“Well, my point being is that it’s a genre that they just don’t make that much anymore. So, I approach this more as somebody who got to make a treasure-hunting, globe-trotting adventure, more than a video game adaptation. And while it was based on a game that, lucky for us, it was incredible source material with a great sense of humor and some of the best action set pieces in all of video games. But, at the end of the day, I knew I had to make a movie that would be entertaining for people…” Fleischer said to Uproxx.