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Mark Wahlberg Pulled a Hysterical Prank on Billy Crystal, Albert Brooks, and Rob Reiner

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR)

Well, Outsiders, it turns out movie star Mark Wahlberg is more than just a big-time actor, he’s also an epic prankster!

The actor has been on talk show after talk show in his career, so he’s surely gotten the hang of things by now. He walked onto the stage to clearly display his new mustache while guest-starring on an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Even Kimmel noticed.

“We have a big announcement to make; Mark Wahlberg is starring in The Guillermo Story!” The popular host joked, referring to his television presenter, Guillermo Rodriguez’s similar ‘stache.

On the show, fans found out how the “Uncharted” star pranked his humorous buddies after spotting them at a Santa Monica California restaurant. During the time, the actor was spending the day with his son as well as a friend. Yet somehow, he managed to trick the three stars into believing that his friend was a “rare prince,” who had paid their bill out of the goodness of their hearts. Oh, Mark. How could you do such a thing? Thanks to TooFab, we too have all the details.

“We went to a restaurant in Santa Monica and three of the greats—the all-time greats—Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner [and] Albert Brooks, they’re all having dinner with their wives,” Wahlberg, 50, began.

While Mark Wahlberg was starstruck, he admitted his friend didn’t know who the three were. This inspired the “Uncharted” star to conduct the prank of a lifetime. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ You know, I grew up watching these guys. My friend’s like, ‘Who is that?’ ‘What do you mean, who is that?! You don’t know who that is?'” The 50-year-old informed Kimmel.

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Wahlberg’s next step was to get their check. After informing the waiter not to tell the three men who took their check, he decided to prank both his friend and the three stars.

“I said, ‘Okay, just tell them that you’re a rare prince,'” he recalled telling his friend. “Because he’s got all his jewels on and we’re dressed up to go to dinner on a Sunday night.”

After Mark Wahlberg’s pal approached the three guys, he told them, “I love your music!” Apparently, the actor’s friend also gave Billy Crystal a big hug!

“I said, ‘I’m doing a big oil and gas deal with him,'” he revealed to Kimmel. “[And they’re] like, ‘Can we get in?’ I’m like, ‘No you can’t get in.'” Wahlberg concluded his story.

“And then the next day, they sent me a nice note because they knew that we paid the check but [my friend] didn’t know who they were. I mean, I could not believe [it.]” the actor included.

It surely sounds like the actor has a sense of humor, Outsiders. I wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeves.