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Mark Wahlberg Raises a Major Amount for Children’s Charity in Golf Tournament

by John Jamison
(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg is the definition of a renaissance man. The legendary rapper-turned-actor-turned-producer also happens to be a pretty good golfer. Well, when he has time for it, at least.

Recently, the movie star put that golf knowledge to good use. He took part in a celebrity golf tournament, helping to raise a huge sum of money for charity.

The Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational was established for “Benefitting Children’s Miracle Network of Beaumont Children’s and Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation,” per the website. The tournament was set up so two regular golfers would be paired with two celebrities. It took place on August 30 at Detroit Golf Club and according to Mark Wahlberg’s tweet, it raised over a million dollars for inner-city kids.

The purpose of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is to help fund youth organizations and provide support for communities that otherwise can’t afford to invest in those programs.

“The goal of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is to remove and eliminate barriers that prevent youth from succeeding,” the website reads.

Standing beside Wahlberg in the picture is “Entourage” star Kevin Dillon. His character on the show had a bit of a reputation when it came to golf.

Mark Wahlberg Had to Give Up Golf Because of His Busy Schedule and Family Obligations

He went to extreme lengths to keep playing, too.

Mark Wahlberg’s daily schedule has long been a subject of discussion. Waking up at ridiculously early hours to work out, eating meals every hour, and jet-setting around the world to make movies all chew up big blocks of his day. But the man is human, after all. He only has 24 hours to work with.

Because of his hectic schedule, he adapted. Not only did he compress 18-holes down to one hour of action, but he also found a way to make it a workout. Typical.

“I would tee off at 6 in the morning and run the golf course. We’d hit a drive and then just sprint to the ball and then the [caddies] would come with the carts. We’d grab a club, hit again and then sprint again,” Wahlberg told Men’s Health in 2020.

For reference, the average golfer spends roughly four hours plodding away on a course before finishing 18 holes. Mark Wahlberg is efficient, to say the least.

These days, however, Wahlberg can’t even spare that single hour.

“I’ve given up golf. I realize that it’s just too much—between family and work [just] trying to squeeze golf in. It’s a very expensive sport and habit. But I’ll be back,” he continued in the interview.

Not to worry, according to The Golf Supplier, Mark Wahlberg has four entire greens in his backyard. The mini-course is complete with bunkers and elevation changes.