Mark Wahlberg Reveals Which Actor He Wants To Play Him in a Biopic

by John Jamison

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to playing other real-life figures on the screen. In 2010, he became Lowell boxing legend Micky Ward in “The Fighter.” A few years later, he played Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in “Lone Survivor.” After that, it was chief electronics technician Mike Williams for “Deepwater Horizon.” It’s safe to say Wahlberg is an authority on capturing someone’s actual life. But if the tables were turned, and someone depicted him in a movie, who would he choose for the role?

It’s worth mentioning that one of Mark Wahlberg’s first major successes as a producer came on the fan-favorite HBO classic “Entourage.” The show loosely chronicled his own rise to stardom. Although, the characters were in no way representing themselves as Mark Wahlberg himself or his real friends.

The show saw Adrian Grenier play fictional movie star Vinny Chase as he navigated Hollywood with his brother and friends from home by his side. But if it really came down to it, and someone chose to do a full-on biopic retelling of Mark Wahlberg’s life, he has someone in mind to play himself. And it’s not Adrian Grenier.

“You know what? That would be interesting. Uh, we could get Tom Holland to play me in a biopic,” Wahlberg told Fox 5 New York in an interview promoting his new film “Joe Bell.”

Tom Holland is, of course, the most recent star of the frequently reimagined Spiderman franchise. As part of the present “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” which has found unparalleled box office success, Holland’s Spiderman is arguably the best yet. He definitely seems to have captured the hearts of Marvel’s fanbase. And apparently, he did the same to Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg’s Choice is 25-Years Old, Wahlberg is 50

Obviously, Mark Wahlberg used the opportunity to make a little joke, paying a compliment to the young actor at the same time. The logistics in terms of Tom Holland playing Wahlberg in a biopic don’t make any sense.

Sure, Holland could play Wahlberg for a portion of his life. It really all depends on the approach the filmmakers take with the biopic. And can you really blame Mark Wahlberg? Who wouldn’t want to be associated with the face of Spiderman.

The Two Actors are Co-Starring in an Upcoming Movie

Mark Wahlberg didn’t just grab Tom Holland’s name out of thin air. Granted, the “Spiderman: Homecoming” star is a household name. Most men would love to see him portray their life’s own story. But Wahlberg’s choice of Tom Holland likely stems from the fact that the two are starring in the upcoming movie “Uncharted.”

The movie is based on a video game franchise by the same name. In the movie, which is reportedly going to be a prequel to the first video game’s story, Tom Holland plays a young version of “Uncharted” protagonist Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg is playing the role of his mentor, Victor Sullivan.

The movie is slated for a premiere in February 2022. And who knows? Maybe Tom Holland will be a mirror image of Mark Wahlberg. Someone’s going to need to play the “Boogie Nights” star in a biopic eventually, right?