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Mark Wahlberg Shows Evidence He Would Be Best Workout Coach

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for F45 Training)

Getting the chance to train with Mark Wahlberg in the gym would be once in a lifetime. Mario Lopez and others found that out. With Wahlberg’s day-in-the-life style show, viewers are going to get great looks at the star and what he does with his friends.

In the nine-second clip, the actor is standing over Mario Lopez and kickboxing champion Rico Verhoeven. Both of the men on the ground are working out with some plate situps, and Wahlberg is coaching the hell out of them. There are cameras in the back that give away that this is likely for his show, Wahl Street.

Getting in the gym with Mark Wahlberg would be intimidating. However, at F45 Training, it looks awesome. Lopez and Verhoeven were really working up a sweat during the workout and Wahlberg was quick to cheer them on in the video. At one point he looks at the camera and mouths something along the lines of, “These two, are the best.” Perhaps the Boston-born actor is starting his own personal training group?

The life of Wahlberg is a busy one. He is always doing something or seeing somebody. From the gym to his businesses, his acting career, and family life there isn’t enough time in the day it seems. However, the actor finds time to film his show Wahl Street. Viewers get to follow the actor in his day-to-day life and find out what he does with his day. It is a lot of meetings, workouts, and other fun things like that. Season 2 has been approved and looks like it is being filmed as we speak.

Mark Wahlberg just seems to be everywhere.

Mark Wahlberg Enjoys Tequila with Friends

One of the things that Mark Wahlberg likes to enjoy is good tequila. Who doesn’t? It is a simple pleasure in life but one that we at Outsider can relate to. As a Boston guy, that is a little bit peculiar, but spirits are for all no matter where they are from. Of course, the actor has a friend or two in the business.

The folks at Flecha Azul know Wahlberg well. Crafted in Mexico, they are apparently a solid brand. Wahlberg took the time to enjoy some while he had some downtime among all his daily chaos. He posted about it and gave a toast to his “brothers” over at the company. Always one to look to invest, perhaps he has a little interest in the tequila besides the friendly connection. Wahlberg has his hands in a lot of different business ventures.

So, what we have learned from Mark Wahlberg is that he has a wild and busy schedule. Part of that schedule is hanging out with Mario Lopez and a kickboxing legend at the gym. And another part of that is finding time to enjoy some fine spirits made by friends. Not a bad way to spend your life.