Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Daughter’s ‘Must See’ Athletic Skills in Impressive New Clip

by Jacklyn Krol

Mark Wahlberg is celebrating his daughter’s epic accomplishment. In a new Instagram video, he let his followers see his daughter’s high jump in slo-mo.

“This is a must see,” he captioned the clip. “She’s jumping higher than her horse! Reaching next Level!! Inspired to be better!❤️🏆”

Mark Wahlberg wed his now-wife Rhea Durham in 2009. They have four children together, Ella Rae, Grace Margaret, Michael, and Brendan Joseph. They’re all within 5 years of one another and are close siblings.

His kids are involved in sports and they don’t want to be known as Mark Wahlberg’s kids. So when football or basketball games come about, he sits in the car and watches.

“At first I took it personally, because I wanna be there to support them,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “But supporting them is by making them feel comfortable in what they’re doing and them having their own identity too. It’s very difficult.”

Wahlberg told Risen Magazine that being an engaged parent is the most important thing to him. He hopes that being an good example will rub off on him.

“But sometimes you have to just get down to old-fashioned discipline too. It’s important to be involved and communicate with them and make sure they can trust you, and share with you, and rely on you. They need to count on you to be there.”

Mark Wahlberg’s Family Life

Mark Wahlberg doesn’t live a typical celebrity life. He only goes to award shows when needed and doesn’t go to parties or the Hollywood scene. He always takes his kids to school when he’s not working on a project.

Although Wahlberg has had quite a troublesome past, he told The Guardian that his kids are nothing like his younger self.

“I don’t think any of my kids has ever been in a real fight,” he shared. “Other than with each other. My son was into boxing for a while, and I was perfectly fine with that because there are disciplines to learn, and I think it’s one of the most difficult but most effective forms of exercise. But no, I didn’t think, like, ‘Oh my God, if something happens at school you can protect yourself’ – it’s not that kind of school.”

When the Wahlberg family gets together, they recount old stories. The kids are not so impressed with it and make fun of him.

“[They’re] like, ‘Oh God here we go, Dad and his street stories, whatever Dad.’ They’re not impressed. Well, they don’t act impressed, that’s for sure,” he said.

They also don’t watch movies with their dad in it, they prefer TikTok and YouTube. They think that their Pomeranian pup is cooler. Wahlberg said that the pooch, “brings them so much love. And joy.”